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The Division 2 Agent Kelso Location and Cutscene Bug

Can’t find Agent Kelso in The Division 2? Making your way around the Castle Settlement can be a little tricky thanks to its winding interiors, but the Agent Kelso location takes it to a whole ‘nother level. To add to that, there’s also an Agent Kelso cutscene glitch that’s stopping people from progressing past the Jefferson Plaza mission. Here’s where to find Agent Kelso in The Division 2 and what to do if meeting her at the hatch location is leading to a big cutscene bug.

The Division 2 | Agent Kelso Location

agent kelso location

Got to the Castle? Good. It’s actually fairly simple to find Agent Kelso, but the game doesn’t make it that easy. Head straight through the main “Castle” building directly in front of you.

From there, keep going straight inside, through a handful of doors, past the Lincoln statue, and outside. As soon as you’re outside, you need to head directly right on to a garden path lined with bushes. Follow that round, turn right, and you’ll eventually find Agent Kelso’s hatch. Press square/X on it to meet Alani Kelso for the first time proper.

agent kelso location

Still stuck? Check out the Agent Kelso location map above if you need some more context.

Why is the Agent Kelso first cutscene replaying?

agent kelso location

This is a strange one. It all appears to boil down to a little bit of misinformation in the game. You see, you’re only meant to speak to Agent Kelso just the once in the Castle Settlement. As UbiBasset outlines on the Ubisoft forums, the Castle Settlement isn’t a thriving hub like, say, the Theatre. Instead, it’s just one minor stop off on the road to completing the Jefferson Plaza mission. If you’ve done that, you don’t need to go back to the Castle again. Like, at all.

Of course, you can, but you’ll be met by the first Agent Kelso cutscene replaying again and again. It’s a redundant and, thankfully, harmless bug. From now on, the best “fix” is just to swerve the Castle entirely. Your mission there is done.