Nindies Spring 2019 Showcase | How to watch and what to expect

Nintendo has announced details for their Nindies Spring 2019 showcase. The event will be streamed live on Nintendo’s website on Wednesday, March 20. We’ve got the full scoop for you on Nindies showcase start time, how to watch it on livestream, and what to expect.

What to expect from the Nindies Spring 2019 showcase

Nintendo began their bi-annual Nindies showcases back in 2017. If you are unfamiliar with the Nindies showcase, it is pretty much a Nintendo Direct, except it features indie games that are coming to Nintendo platforms in the near future.

We only really know two things about the Nindies Spring 2019 showcase: the day/time and how long it will be. In a tweet published by Nintendo of America, they announced that the showcase would be around 30 minutes long and feature the latest wave of indie games that are coming to the Nintendo Switch.

There isn’t much information floating around about is expected in the Nindies Spring 2019 showcase, so I decided to head over to the Nintendo Reddit page to see what fans were hoping for. Please keep in mind that everything in the paragraph below is merely based on fan hope and speculation, and doesn’t necessarily have any kind of reasoning behind it.

For starters, fans are hoping to get information on some games that are supposed to be ported to the Nintendo Switch, like A Hat in Time, Slay the Spire, Castle Crashers, and Duck Game. Additionally, fans are hoping to get a release date for Untitled Goose Game, which is supposed to be making its way to the Switch in 2019.

How to watch the Nindies Spring 2019 showcase

The Nindies Spring showcase can be watched on Nintendo’s website at 9 AM PT/12 PM ET on March 20 or on Nintendo’s YouTube page found in the video below. If you cannot watch the showcase or don’t want to, make sure to check back to GameRevolution for notable news regarding the Nindies Spring 2019 showcase!