Tetris 99 2.1.0 Update Patch Notes | Team Battle Mode, password matchmaking, and more

A brand new Tetris 99 update is available to download and install on your Nintendo Switch right now. Hard drop to the end of this guide to read through the complete list of Tetris 99 2.1.0 update patch notes. Stick with us a little while longer, however, to discover everything that is being added in the new update. Read on to find out everything there is to know about the new Team Battle Mode, password matchmaking, and redeemable Special Event Themes.

Tetris 99 2.1.0 Update Highlights

Tetris 99 2.1.0 update

Team Battle Mode

The major new addition to Tetris 99 following this update is the brand-new Tetris 99 Team Battle Mode. From now on, you can play the intense gameplay of Tetris 99 in a team. In Team Battle Mode, you will choose from four available teams before a match begins. The smaller your team is, the higher your attack power will be when you are being attacked. Instead of being the last person standing, however, the last team remaining wins in Team Battle Mode.

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If you are eliminated from the game, you can stay on and watch proceedings in Spectator Mode. From there, you can dish out likes to your remaining teammates to help spur them on. To get the maximum number of XP (and Maximus Cup event points), you will need to stick around until the conclusion of each Team Battle. What’s more, the tenth Tetris 99 Maximus Cup will be a Team Battle one. The Tetris 99 Team Battle Maximus Cup will begin and end at the following times:

  • 11 PM PT December 12
  • 10:59 PM PT December 16

The top 999 ranked players during the Maximus Cup will be rewarded with 999 Gold Points each, essentially $9.99 to spend on the eShop.

Password Matchmaking

Thanks to a new Tetris 99 password matchmaking option, you can easily join groups of friends for either a Team Battle or standard Tetris 99 match (although you won’t play as a team during standard matches, just against each other).

Redeemable Special Event Themes

You can now redeem previous Special Event Themes for 30 Tickets. Previously, these Event Themes (such as the Splatoon and Fire Emblem: Three Houses Themes) could only be unlocked if you earnt enough points during their individual events.

Tetris 99 2.1.0 Update Patch Notes

Tetris 99 2.1.0 update

Unfortunately, the full list of Tetris 99 2.1.0 update patch notes isn’t available as of writing. We will update this guide with the complete list as soon as it becomes available. Our highlights above, for now, do contain everything there is to know about the 2.1.0 update.