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Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Time Today (March 19)

The Destiny 2 weekly reset time today might throw people through a hoop. If you weren’t around last week and are just catching up on all the goings-on, there’s plenty of changes to get hyped about. Not least of all the actual weekly reset time itself in the US compared to the UK, with it having shifted thanks to Daylight Savings Time. For March 19, we’ll let you know everything that’s changing in today’s weekly reset in Destiny 2, as well as what time you can expect the reset to take place.

When is the Destiny 2 weekly reset time today? (March 19)

Destiny 2 weekly reset time today

For those of you in the UK, the Destiny 2 weekly reset time today isn’t changing at all: It remains locked at 5 PM GMT but only for this week and March 26. After that, things are changing, but that’s nothing you need to concern yourself with right now.

In the US, it’s a slightly different time than usual: 11 AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern. It’s only moved an hour forward, but it’s something to be wary of in case you were hoping of hopping on earlier.

What’s changed in the Destiny 2 weekly reset? (March 19)

Destiny 2 weekly reset time today

With a hotfix on a way (and even a new Xur bounty in the books), there’s plenty more to cover alongside the traditional weekly reset changes. However, we should get those out of the way first, as they’re the bread and butter of your day-to-day Destiny 2 activities. As per the Ritual Reset page on

  • Call to Arms Crucible Challenge
  • Destination Flashpoints
  • Raid Challenge Encounters
  • Raid Checkpoints
  • Dreaming City Powerful Rewards
  • Spider’s Powerful Bounty
  • Gambit Powerful Bounty
  • Gambit Weekly Challenge
  • Nightfall Strike
  • Weekly Clan Engrams
  • Weekly Clan XP Caps
  • Eververse Bright Dust and Prismatic Matrix Selections

But, of course, that’s not all. If you’ve sided with either the Drifter or the Vanguard, you’ll be given a hefty Weekly Package for your troubles. Visit the Drifter or Ikora respectively if you want to claim them.

As for the hotfix, there’s not a whole lot that’s changing in terms of the fundamental game. The main changes involve the Drifter’s Weapon Pursuits now tracking as normal, with the “Best Offense” Triumph now popping correctly.

Finally, Xur is leaving again for the week. This bears more significance than ever now with the advent of Forsaken Exotics in his inventory alongside the first Invitation of the Nine. The World, the first Invitation, should be toast after today, with Friday heralding the arrival of Xur again, alongside the second Invitation of the Nine.