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The Division 2 | How to unlock new emotes

Unlocking new emotes in The Division 2 allows you to channel some Fortnite. You can get snazzy dance moves and generally make a fool of yourself in front of your friends, or complete strangers with The Division 2 emotes. However, figuring out how to get new emotes can be tough. Do you purchase them? Can you earn emotes in-game? Find out below.

How to get new emotes in The Division 2

The Division 2 Emotes Apperal Store

If you want to express yourself non-verbally, emotes are the way to go in The Division 2. Since there’s no local text chat, a quick gesture in-game can be a great way to communicate, especially if you don’t want to use a mic. However, you’ll likely be stuck with the default emotes for a while unless you want to shell out some cold hard cash.

To get new emotes in The Division 2 you have to go to the premium in-game Apparel Store in the Apparel menu. There you’ll find a whole section dedicated to emotes, which you can purchase in exchange for premium currency.

Whether or not these new emotes are worth the money is up to you. Most of the default ones are good enough for communication, but if you’re looking to be flashy, then the premium emotes will help you accomplish that. There’s also a chance you can get emotes from in-game supply crates, but we haven’t had one drop yet.

How to emote in The Division 2

The Division 2 doesn’t really go out of its way to teach you the controls to emote. On PS4 and Xbox One you need to hold down on the D-Pad, use the left stick to highlight your desired emote, and then press X (PS4)/A (Xbox One).

To assign new emotes you’ll need to head into the Apparel menu where you’ll find an area you can equip or unequip emotes.

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