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Fortnite 2.10 Update Patch Notes (Fortnite 8.11)

The Fortnite 2.10 update patch notes (Fortnite 8.11) have now been published by Epic Games. The latest Fortnite update adds the new Flint-Knock Pistol, the One Shot limited time mode, and changes to Creative Mode and Save the World. This new Fortnite patch also adds some fixes to bugs and stability issues, which are always appreciated. Whether you’re on  PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iPhone, the new update is now available to download and test out. You find the full list of patch notes below.

Fortnite 2.10 Update Patch Notes Highlights (Fortnite 8.11)

Fortnite 2.10 Update Patch Notes

One of the Fortnite 2.10 update patch notes (Fortnite 8.11) main highlights is the Flint-Knock Pistol, the new weapon that has now been added to the game. It is available in Common and Uncommon rarities, and can be found from floot loot. Expect to see this often at the early game stage, where players are scrounging for any weapon that they can get their hands on.

The Flint-Knock Pistol knocks back the shooter, which is pretty unique. Be mindful when firing from a ledge! Players can crouch to prevent the knockback effect. The weapon can also knock back the target if they are close enough. The closer you are to the target, the further the distance that they will move.

Dealing 86/90 damage up close, the Flint-Knock Pistol is to be used at closer ranges, as it has a significant damage falloff distance. (You won’t be sniping enemies with this one!) It also has a three-second reload time, which is performed after every single shot.

Another highlight of the Fortnite 2.10 update patch notes (Fortnite 8.11) is the return of the One Shot limited time mode. Also, the Impulse Grenade has been unvaulted, and the impulse strength of explosive weapons against vehicles has been increased by 233 percent. The Scoped Assault Rifle has also had its damage buffed from 24/23 to 27/26.

Fortnite 2.10 Update Patch Notes (Fortnite 8.11)

Fortnite 2.10 Update Patch Notes



  • Flint-Knock Pistol
    • Available in Common and Uncommon Rarities.
    • Found from Floor Loot.
    • Knocks back the shooter. Can also knock back the target if they’re close enough.
      • The closer you are to the target, the farther they get knocked away.
      • The shooter can crouch to prevent the knockback.
    • Close range damage: 86/90
      • Significant damage falloff.
    • Must reload after each shot.
      • 3 second reload time.
    • Uses Heavy Ammo.
  • Unvaulted the Impulse Grenade
    • Impulse strength against vehicles has been increased by 344%
  • Increased the impulse strength of explosive weapons against vehicles by 233%
  • Scoped Assault Rifle
    • Increased base damage from 24/23 to 27/26
  • Reduced the spawn rate of the Baller from 100% to 50%



Low Gravity. Every player has 50 health. Snipers are the only weapon and Bandages are the only healing item. Jump high and aim well!

Mode Details

  • Gravity is set lower than normal.
  • The Storm wait time has been greatly reduced in all phases of the game.
  • The only weapons in this mode are Hunting Rifles and Sniper Rifles.
  • Semi-Auto Snipers and Bounce Pads have been removed from the Vault in this mode.
  • Players will spawn with 50 health, and can only heal if they find Bandages.


  • Tournament Update: Gauntlet Solo Test Event & Gauntlet Duo Test Event
    • Added two additional extended sessions, which will run 24 hours a day.
      • 3/19/2019 00:00 UTC until 3/23/2019 00:00 UTC
      • 3/23/2019 00:00 UTC until 3/26/2019 00:00 UTC
  • New Tournament: Blackheart Cup (March 23rd & 24th) [$100,000 in Cash Prizes!]
    • Participation in this event requires players to have placed in the Top 3% (global) of any Gauntlet Test Event session prior to the start of the tournament.
    • The prize pool will be distributed across all server regions, with official rules and details released later this week.
    • Format:
      • March 23rd – Round One: All Eligible Players
      • March 24th – Round Two: Top 3000 Players from Round One
  • Participating in tournaments and the Gauntlet Test now requires a minimum account level of 15. The requirement was previously at level 10.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused The Baller’s tow-hook “release” sound to trigger twice each time.


Bug Fixes

  • The new style for the Whiteout Outfit can now be selected.
  • Event leaderboards no longer display everyone as being at rank #0.


  • Adjusted lighting.
    • Increased lighting contrast in areas of shadow.
    • Increased color vibrancy.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where full-screen support was not working on Samsung S10 devices.
  • Fixed an issue preventing in-game surveys from appearing on mobile devices.
    • These random surveys were added in the v8.10 update but were not appearing on mobile devices. Be sure to leave us your feedback if you receive one after a match.
  • Fixed various mobile stability related issues.
    • We’ll be monitoring their impact and continue investigating any additional issues. Let us know what you’re experiencing on our social channels.



Black Glass Island

Reflect your creativity onto this brand new island!


  • Black Glass Island

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where grenades were thrown from outside the save volume of islands, toward the island, would apply grenade effects (eg. knockback, chiller effects) to other players and vehicles.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where some objects had become un-targetable with the Phone, such as Llamas and Vehicles. Those now react correctly when targeted by the Phone.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where a Sentry would occasionally not cause damage to players.


Bug Fixes

  • Made stability improvements around ending and leaving games in Creative Mode.



Battle Hound Jonesy

Need more Grenades? No problem! Battle Hound Jonesy’s Rucksack perk has you covered.

Sir Lancelot

Make the Husks… dis-a-spear! You won’t be dis-a-pointed with these new attack animations.


  • Greatly optimized bandwidth usage by eliminating transport of redundant information, particularly around inventory and ability updates.
    • This should reduce networking-related hitching and de-sync issues, especially during combat.


  • Battle Hound Jonesy (Returning)
    • Standard Perk: Rucksack
      • Increases Frag Grenade maximum charges by 1
    • Commander Perk: Rucksack+
      • Increases Frag Grenade maximum charges by 4.
    • Available in the Weekly Store from March 20 at 8 PM Eastern Time to March 27 at 8 PM Eastern Time.

Bug Fixes

  • Updated Hiro’s head model to the correct version
    • We will be marking Hiro eligible for reset due to this change.


  • Sir Lancelot Spear will be available in the Weekly Store
    • A spear using a new set of long-range, narrow thrusting attacks.
      • Heavy Attack: Joust – Charge forward, damaging and knocking back smaller enemies in your way.
    • Available in the Weekly Store from March 20 at 8 PM Eastern Time to March 27 at 8 PM Eastern Time.



  • Fixed a performance issue when caching shaders on Mac, which should improve load times.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing Xbox players from being able to accept party invites from friends.