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Fortnite Clinger Trick | How to get rid of campers

Fortnite added clingers to the game back in April 2018 with the 1.57 update. Since then, clingers have been valuted, and then later added back into the game, replacing grenades. Since then, players have discovered a new Fortnite clinger trick that can be used to get rid of campers. Clingers can cause a lot of frustration for players because they do 100 damage and can be stuck to players. This means that if you have no shield and get stuck, you’re as good as dead (or knocked if you’re playing duos/squads). However, one thing that the clingers aren’t supposed to do is cause damage through walls to players outside of the structure. So, if you throw a clinger through a window, you should be safe on the outside of the house. This lead to the discovery of the clinger trick.

How to use the Fortnite clinger trick to get rid of campers

To use the clinger trick to get rid of campers, you’ll need to be really good at editing structures quickly. What you need to do is build an ascending staircase and stick the clinger to the steps. Then, quickly rotate the staircase so that it is facing the other way, with the clinger now on the opposite side of the structure, facing away from you. This will result in the person on the other side of steps taking the blast, and not you. Reddit user TheGamingKnight4, captured and shared a video of how this trick works, you can watch it below!

new clinger strat from r/FortniteCompetitive

It is, however, important to note that sometimes clingers don’t work how they are supposed to and they can damage someone on the other side of a structure, even if it is placed between them and the clinger. If the glitch happens while you’re doing the clinger trick, you’ll likely take damage or possibly go out in a fiery blast, but it’ll be worth it.

This trick may take a little bit of practice to pull off since you have to throw the clinger and then edit the direction of the steps in a couple of seconds before it explodes. However, with a little practice, you can finally get rid of those pesky campers!