Box art - Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro Unseen Aid | How to trigger Unseen Aid and what it does

Unseen Aid is a perk in Sekiro that allows you to cheat some of the ill effects of death. It’s not something you can force to trigger, but you can up your chances of Unseen Aid appearing. Read on below for the benefits of Unseen Aid in Sekiro and what conditions you have to meet for it to trigger.

What does Unseen Aid do in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice?

When you die in Sekiro, you typically lose half of your money and half of the Skill EXP you’ve accrued towards your next Skill Point. However, there is a chance to avoid this adverse effect if Unseen Aid triggers.

Unseen Aid basically gives you one consequence-free death. You won’t lose any money or Skill EXP, and you can simply pick up the game at the nearest Sculptor’s Idol as if nothing happened. This is a massive deal because depending on how much money and EXP you have when you die, Unseen Aid can deflect a potentially devasting loss.

How do I trigger Unseen Aid in Sekiro and raise the chances of Unseen Aid occurring?

Sekiro Unseen Aid Percentage

Unseen Aid isn’t something you can trigger on your own. Instead, there’s a random chance of it occurring upon death. You can see the current odds of Unseen Aid triggering on the Sculptor’s Idol screen.

The Unseen Aid odds top out at 30%. This means at maximum, around one in every three deaths should receive Unseen Aid. However, there’s a catch. Usually, at least one resurrection proceeds a death, and each time you revive yourself, you spread Dragonrot. For each Rot Essence you get, as a result, the chances of Unseen Aid occurring decrease.

The first time you get a Rot Essence the chances of Unseen Aid occurring decrease by half. For each additional Rot Essence, the odds decrease by 2%. The minimum chance of Unseen Aid after death is 5%. It’s somewhat of a double-edged sword as Unseen Aid is such a compelling benefit, you may choose to die instead of reviving if you want to keep your chances of it happening high.

You can raise the likelihood of Unseen Aid occurring in Sekiro by curing individuals of Dragonrot, but this takes a rare item of which there’s a very limited amount of in-game.