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FIFA 19 1.12 Update Patch Notes | FIFA 19 update for PS4, Xbox One, and PC

The FIFA 19 1.12 update has just gone live on PS4 and Xbox One. It’s a pretty meaty one, too, for those who are in desperate need of Career Mode changes, as EA is providing a helping of loan tweaks, as well as some other bug fixes on that end. Elsewhere, there’s also a minor kick off glitch which has been buffed out. We’ll zero in on those changes down below to show how it affects you as well as rolling out the FIFA 19 1.12 update patch notes at the very bottom of the page.

FIFA 19 1.12 update

Career mode

This is the big one. The transfer system has been overhauled somewhat, with the influx of offers from clubs for transfer-listed and loan-listed players scaled back somewhat.

Now, clubs that would have no realistic chance of signing a player won’t drop by with a bid. It makes the whole experience that much more realistic and you won’t get RSI from clicking reject on the whirlwind of emails you inevitably receive. Also, Hull won’t bid for Ronaldo. So, there’s that.

There’s also been unspecified “updates to the transfer/loan system” which appears to take into account the role of someone heading to a new club when compared to their current one. So, they might be a rotation option for a Premier League club, but they might also expect the same for the Championship previously. Now that’s no longer the case – and a player (and of course, the agent) better knows their worth.

Additionally, a few glitches with Transfer Listing players have also been cleared up, now making them more likely to move clubs in realistic fashion.

Kick Off glitch

No, not that kick off glitch, but a glitch to do with the game’s suite of Kick Off modes.

Sometimes, a “Kick-Off data is not available” message would crop up, necessitating a shift back to the main menus before you played another game. EA has stamped that it with the FIFA 19 1.12 update, which is nice.

FIFA 19 1.12 update patch notes

FIFA 19 1.12 update

Kick Off

Addressed the following issue:

Sometimes there would be an error indicating saying ‘Kick-Off data is not available’ after changing the difficulty of the match.

Career Mode

Made the following changes:

  • Clubs will no longer send a transfer offer or loan offer for a player that has no chance of accepting a move to that club.
  • This change has been made to prevent situations where a player was transfer listed or loan listed and the club would constantly receive a stream of offers from teams that the player is not going to accept a move to.
  • Updates to the transfer/loan system to account for more player and club nationalities as part of the decision making process a player goes through when deciding if they want to accept an offer.
  • Updates to the transfer/loan system to account for a player’s role at their current club in comparison to the role the player would have at their new club.
  • Players that were Loan Listed were not considering the fact that they were listed for loan as part of the decision making process for whether or not to accept a loan offer to join another club.

    In comparison, players that were Transfer Listed were taking this into account as part of the decision making process for whether or not to accept a transfer to another club.