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The Division 2 Episode Three DLC | Release date and what to expect

The Division 2 episode three DLC will be landing in-game before Ubisoft’s RPG shooter celebrates its first anniversary. There’s little information on what to expect from it so far, but we can speculate based on what little tidbits we’ve unearthed. Find out about this, and when The Division 2 episode three DLC release date is.

The Division 2 Episode Three DLC | Release Date

the division 2 episode three dlc

Right now we don’t have a concrete release window for The Division 2 episode three DLC. Based on what we know about episode one and episode two, however, we can hazard a guess about when it will launch.

Each piece of post-launch content is planned to arrive in three-month increments. We know that the first DLC packs  Outskirts and The Last Castle  are landing this summer and autumn respectively. That means we can expect episode three to arrive in the winter.

That window could be anywhere between December 2019 and March 2020, though. If we had to guess, we’d say that the final piece of Year One post-launch content will probably arrive sometime around January. This is usually the lull after people have released and played games over the holiday period, and would be a good window to bring this content out.

The Division 2 Episode Three DLC | What to expect

the division 2 episode three dlc

According to The Division 2 Year One roadmap, there’s absolutely nothing that tells us what to expect in the third piece of post-launch content. The “to be announced” placeholder on this link shows that Ubisoft Massive is not willing to discuss it yet.

As always, we can speculate on what it might entail, though. Judging by the DLC’s image, we can see that the agent in question is wearing a mask. This design is very similar to those that are made for chemical weapons, and allow people to breathe in the event that one is used.

This could mean that an enemy factiona current one or a new gangcould bring a new wave of destruction to Washington in the form of a biochemical weapon. As agents, we’d likely be tasked with saving our settlements and taking out this new threat. We could be completely wrong but, hey, when has that ever stopped us?