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Final Fantasy 15 1.29 Update Patch Notes

A brand new Final Fantasy 15 patch is live. In what could be the last ever update to the game, the Final Fantasy 15 1.29 update is a big one. Going live across the Xbox One, PS4, and PC, the 1.29 update sits alongside a standalone FFXV Comrades 1.03 update. Read on for the full Final Fantasy 15 1.29 update patch notes at the bottom of this guide.

Final Fantasy 15 1.29 update highlights

Final Fantasy 15 1.29 Update Patch Notes

Thanks to this Reddit thread, we know of the full official Final Fantasy 15 1.29 update patch notes. We’ve separated them in terms of new main game and Comrades content below:

1.29 update

The latest (and perhaps final) title update for Final Fantasy 15 is a large one. It weighs in at 9.2 GB on PS4, 10.58 GB on Xbox One, and 2.2 GB on PC. You will want to back up your save files before updating, just in case the update messes things up for you in that department, as has happened with The Witcher 3 before.

The 1.29 update primarily brings us the EPISODE ARDYN DLC. Anyone who has paid for the DLC will now have access to the final character episode, including new story content, music, and Trophies/Achievements. It looks set to be the final Episode DLC, so players wanting to play the most complete version of Final Fantasy 15 will be pleased it’s finally here.

The EPISODE ARDYN compatibility isn’t the only addition thanks to the new update, however. The Master Assassin Robes (Noctis only) will now be available in your inventories. Various bug fixes have also been implemented.

Comrades (standalone) 1.03 update

The multiplayer Comrades 1.03 update is a smaller, standalone update that you can download on PS4 and Xbox One. It’s just under 1.3 GB on PS4 and just over 1.4 GB on Xbox One. New Quests, outfits, prizes, and a new Trophy/Achievement have all been added alongside various bug fixes. All told, the new Final Fantasy 15 updates are rather generous.

Final Fantasy 15 1.29 update patch notes

Final Fantasy 15 1.29 update patch notes

Update 1.29 / Revision 1252180 Patch Notes

SIZE (PS4): 9.233 GB.

SIZE (XB1): 10.58 GB.

SIZE (PC): 2.2 GB.


  • Addition of compatibility with EPISODE ARDYN.

  • Addition of pieces of music (three) from EPISODE ARDYN to the music player tracklist.

  • Addition of seven trophies for EPISODE ARDYN


  • Master Assassin Robes (Noctis only) are now available in users’ inventories.

Bug Fixes

  • Various bug fixes.

Comrades (Standalone) Update 1.03 Patch Notes

SIZE (PS4): 1.277 GB.

SIZE (XB1): 1.41 GB.


  • Addition of the Warrior’s Armor (male-only) to the INGEM system line up.

  • Addition of the Street Attire (female only) to the INGEM system line up.

  • Implementation of a new Bonus Quest and additional prizes.1

  • Bonus Quest: An Inspector Caws.

  • Challenge Quest: Feathered Foe: Kenny Crow

  • Addition of trophy for Comrades (Standalone) March Update: Golden Nester: Defeated Kenny Crow.

Bug Fixes

  • Various bug fixes.

1: To access the new bonus quest players must clear all prior Bonus Quests and all other quests.