Box art - Pix'n Love Rush

Pix’n Love Rush iPhone Cheats



Absolute Zero - Finish a timed game with less than 10000 points.

Afternoon Delight - Win a game in the afternoon.

Angel Hunter - Kill 5 angels in a single level.

Crack Shot - No misfired shots throughout a timed game.

Demon Slayer - Kill every single Evil Bat in a timed game.

Eye of the Tiger - Lay your eyes on each and every visual style the game features.

Gran' Finale - Finish a timed game at maximum Combo level.

Heart of Gold - Take 100 "+" and nothing else in a row.

Interactive Pixels - Thank you for supporting Interactive Pixels!

Kamikaze - Shoot yourself 5 times in a single level.

Loose canon - Shoot more than 2000 shots in a timed game.

Loser - Start over during the first level! Loser!

Lucky You - You are soooooo lucky my friend... and you don't even know why!

Manners - You have cursed enough to earn this achievement.

Mega-chievement - Get all revealed achievements.

Moonlight Shadow - Win a game after midnight.

Morning Glory - Win a game before noon.

Perfecto! - Perfect!

Share the Love! - Have 5 different names in your Local High Scores Board.

SuperPlay - Score more than 2500000 points. Good luck.

The Cake Really Exists... - ...and it's pixilicious...

Ultra-chievement - Get all revealed achievements... and all the hidden ones... Muhahahaha...