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Metro Exodus Update 1.04 | Ranger Update Patch Notes

Metro Exodus Update 1.04 has arrived and it brings with it a heck of a lot of replayability! Titled Ranger Update, we get to see the addition of New Game +, developer commentary, and several brand-new game modes that will make it worthwhile to take Metro Exodus for another spin.

Metro Exodus Update 1.04 | Patch Highlights

Metro Exodus Update 1.04

There are several new features in Metro Exodus Update 1.04, but the big ticket item has got to be New Game+. This brand-new game option provides several modes that allow players to go through the game a second time with a lot more toys available to them. You can elect to start the game with “My Weapons” mode—it will grant all of your previous weapons available and the same loadout that you ended the game with. These weapons will be granted to you after you rescue Anna in Moscow and the remainder will be accessible in the Aurora armory partway through the first proper chapter. Unfortunately, Armor and Wrist upgrades do not carry over.

You can also choose to use “One Weapon” mode and reduce your weapon slots to one, “Crossbow” mode to get the Crossbow instead of the Tikhar in The Volga, and “Backpack Limitations” mode to prevent any kind of crafting via the backpack. Three A.I. modes can give you an even greater challenge. “Armored Enemies” increases the armor of human enemies by one level (if applicable). Tougher creatures gives the game’s non-human enemies a thicker skin, and “Grenadiers” makes human NPCs throw more grenades.

Optional environmental changes are also available in Metro Exodus Update 1.04. You can use “Real Time Weather” to change the day/night cycle from two hours to 24 hours for a more realistic experience. “Bad weather” will amp up the storms, fog, and other deleterious atmospheric conditions. Lastly, “Radiation is Forever” increases the number of radiation zones throughout the game.

Finally, there are two other notable options in Metro Exodus Update 1.04. A “Developer Commentary” mode will place green cassette tapes throughout the world for players to find. If you’re truly insane, you can play “Iron Mode” which disables saving within chapters entirely—you’ll only be able to save when you complete a chapter. A single chapter can (and often will) take several hours to complete, so this last game mode is truly for the hardcore players out there.

Of course, this isn’t an all-inclusive list of what’s new in the game. Read on to see the full Metro Exodus Update 1.04 patch notes.

Metro Exodus Update 1.04 | Patch Notes

Metro Exodus Update 1.04


On completion of the campaign, you can now re-play in New Game+ mode, granting access to all weapons and attachments unlocked through prior play-throughs.

New Game + also allows to you to adjust a range of variables to create your own personal and uniquely challenging experience, and comes with new Achievements / Trophies. More details below…


Available through New Game +, enabling Developer Commentary allows you to find special tape players on which members of the 4A Games team discuss some of the design choices that went into making Metro Exodus in that area.


While the Hotfix changes were already well received, we’ve added a fourth Controller Sensitivity Preset with more tweaks to sensitivity, improved aim assist, and better ‘dead zone’ per platform.


We’ve added Mouse and Keyboard support for Xbox One, further improved RTX and DLSS support on PC, DualShock Controller Light support for PS4 and many more.


A raft of improvements across the board that improve the overall gameplay experience based on bugs reported, desired polish, and direct feedback/feature requests from the community, including things like a Volume Slider specifically for VO, and more.


We’ve fixed numerous crashes – some from your descriptions, and some from the crash dumps you have submitted to us.  We’ve only listed a few below, but you should expect a big improvement to stability in this update. Thank you for continuing to help us out!


We’re proud to offer Metro Exodus fully localized for Ukraine, the country where 4A Games was born.

Read on for more information on each topic, and please note:

Level specific content fixes or changes can only be fully applied to a level when it is started from the beginning either through natural progression, or the chapters menu.  If you try to load an existing save within a level, the updates for that level will not be applied to that existing save.  Updates will apply to all subsequent levels progressed to with that save.


New Game + adds a whole new dimension to repeat play-throughs of the campaign. Modify the following suite of modes and settings to craft your own personalised gameplay experience:


My Weapons

  • Allows you to start with all weapons and attachments found in the last playthrough
  • Weapons are granted after freeing Anna in Moscow
  • Starting weapons will be the last loadout that was set in the previous end game save
  • All other weapons and attachments previously unlocked will be available in the Aurora Workbench Armory, first encountered in Volga
  • Player Armor/Wrist upgrades do not carry over

One Weapon

  • Reduces weapon slots to one.  Any weapon can be used in this slot, but you can only take one with you.  Manage this by swapping Weapons in the field, or by using the Aurora Workbench Armory


  • Provides Player with the Crossbow at the beginning of the game in addition to normal Weapon Progression. Yermak gives the Player the Crossbow after Jammer scene in Moscow.

Backpack limitations

  • Crafting in the Backpack is disabled, you may only use a Workbench
  • Only Weapon modifications allowed in Backpack


Armored Enemies

  • Human NPCs are upgraded by one level of Armor across the game if applicable

Tougher Creatures

  • Creatures have thicker hide across the game


  • Human NPCs use explosives more often


Real Time Weather

  • Change the game’s natural day/night cycle from 2 to 24 real hours for complete immersion

Bad Weather

  • Fog, Rain, Snow, and Sand storm conditions occur more frequently where applicable

Radiation is Forever

  • Additional radiation zones will appear across some levels, making the Gas Mask more important


Iron Mode

  • Fully disables the Save System, progress is only saved between levels

Developer Commentary

  • Green Tape Players throughout the game will be available to play Developer Commentary about the area in which it is found


Achievements / Trophies

Unique collectibles

  • Additional set of hidden objects in the world, only available in New Game +

New Game + becomes available from the New Game menu after completing the game once.

Please Note: Starting a new game in Regular Mode or in New Game + will clear your Quick/Auto/Chapter Select saves. You will need to progress again to access later levels.