NBA 2K19 Update 1.09 Patch Notes

The latest NBA 2K19 update is here! There isn’t much coming with the NBA 2K19 patch 1.09, but it still a pretty significant update for longtime series fans. According to the official NBA 2K19 Twitter page, the 1.09 patch only addresses “removal of pushing in neighborhood games” and “a fix for the hang in the Start Today game mode when attempting to advance past March 20th on the calendar.” The second patch is helpful, but it isn’t as significant to players as the first one is, since pushing has plagued neighborhood games for a long time.

NBA 2K19 patch 1.09 finally fixes the pushing issue

NBA 2K19

Players have been complaining about the pushing exploit in NBA 2K19 for some time and today, they are finally getting a fix for it. If you are unaware of the pushing issue, there is a glitch in the game where players are able to push someone without the ball, which if done a certain way results in a missed pass. For example, if Team A has the ball and Team B is playing defense, Team B can push one of Team A’s players as the ball is being passed to them, causing them to miss it and resulting in a turnover.

The issue has been happening since the game’s launch back in September and it has taken the developers until now to finally get fixed. The glitch has even caused a lot of Redditors to say that they will be putting down the game for a bit until the situation is remedied. According to Mike Wang on Twitter, the Gameplay Director for NBA 2K, the fix has been ready for a while but was pending approval, which he says takes time. Either way, fans can rest assured that a fix is finally here, and since it has finally been addressed, hopefully pushing concerns will not carry over into NBA 2K20.

When is the NBA 2K19 1.09 patch going live?

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For Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players, NBA 2K19 1.09 update is already live. All that players need to do is update their game. For those on the Nintendo Switch or PC, the update isn’t live yet and will be delayed. At the time of this post, an official release time for Switch and PC players has not been given. However, players likely won’t have to wait for very long.