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Fortnite Bananas, Coconuts, and Peppers | Locations and what they do

Fortnite bananas, coconuts, and peppers have landed in-game. There’s plenty of confusion over these new Fortnite consumables, particularly over their spawn locations and what they do. Find out all there is to know about Fortnite bananas, coconuts, and peppers with our helpful (and tasty!) guide.

Fortnite Bananas, Coconuts, and Peppers | What do they do?

fortnite bananas, coconuts, and peppers

Fortnite bananas, coconuts, and peppers are all new foods that your character can eat to give them certain benefits. According to the Epic reveal ahead of their eventual arrival in-game, we have a good idea of what each one will do. Bananas are thought to give you five health points (HP) immediately after they are consumed. This isn’t a lot of health, granted, but it’s better than being dead and out of the game.

Coconuts, meanwhile, will give you five effective health points over a short period of time. This means that, if you’re at max health, your shields will be recharged for a short time. If you need a HP boost, the coconut will recharge your health bar instead.

Finally, we come on to peppers. These bad boys will give you five HP and a little extra bonus. For 10 seconds, you’ll be granted a 20 percent speed boost. We imagine this is down to the hotness of the pepper, and that your character is frantically running around for some water or milk to drink.

Fortnite Bananas, Coconuts, and Peppers | Locations

fortnite bananas, coconuts, and peppers

The Fortnite bananas, coconuts, and peppers are scattered throughout different areas of the map. Bananas, as you might expect, are found in the tropical biome. Coconuts are thought to be found on palm trees, but you’ll have to damage them in order to find these sweet goodies. Peppers, meanwhile, are located in the desert biome.

To give you a better idea of where to locate these three consumables, we’ve broken down the regions and name-based locations for each below. This will give you a better indication of where to look for them, and where you might find a plentiful supply during matches.

Fortnite Banana Locations

fortnite bananas, coconuts, and peppers

As we mentioned, bananas are found in tropical biomes on the map. The vast majority of their trees can be found in the North and North-East of the island.

The most notable locations for bananas are in and around Lazy Lagoon, in every direction around Sunny Steps apart from the South of this area, and in the forests just North of Lucky Lodge. Their spawn locations don’t extend much past the volcano that’s turned up as part of the 8.20 update, so you won’t have any luck finding them past the lava flow.

Like the apple consumables already in the game, you can find bananas in bunches. Simply hack at the trees they’re hanging from, and they’ll drop. You’ll get five bananas for each bunch you gather, so keep them on you for emergencies.

Fortnite Coconut Locations

fortnite bananas, coconuts, and peppers

Because coconuts are found on palm trees, there are two major regions that they spawn at. Like bananas, they’ll be found in the tropical area to the North and North-East. Due to palm trees also liking arid conditions, however, you can also find them in the desert region to the South-East.

Their most prominent spawn locations are around the edges of Lazy Lagoon, and to the North-West of Sunny Steps, in the North of the map. In the South-East, they’re abundant around Paradise Palms, as you might expect from its location name.

Also keep an eye out for watering holes in the desert biome as palm trees will likely spawn there too.

Fortnite Pepper Locations

fortnite bananas, coconuts, and peppers

Those pesky peppers can, like coconuts, be found in the desert biome. Unlike their hard cousins, however, peppers are scattered at various spawn locations all over this region of the map.

The best place to find them, as we’ve shown in the above image, is around grassy areas of the desert biome. It’s very rare that you will find them in the most arid conditions. Unlike coconuts and bananas, you won’t find them near a water source, so don’t expect to flock to one area of water and find every new consumable there.

Due to their speed boost mechanic too, peppers don’t spawn in as many locations as coconuts and bananas do, so you may have a fight on to grab some for yourself.