Graveyard Keeper Switch Release Date

Graveyard Keeper is a cemetery management role-playing game that was released on PC and Xbox One back in 2018. Since then, fans have been begging for it to come to the Nintendo Switch, because let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to manage a graveyard on the go? Fear no more, Lazy Bear Games have heard the cries from their fans and have officially announced that Graveyard Keeper will be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

What is Graveyard Keeper?

Graveyard Keeper

If you are unfamiliar with the game, it is a cemetery management sim. Essentially, you build and manage your own graveyard and try to build a thriving business. If you’re running low on cash, you’ll have to find ways to cut costs to keep your business afloat. In Graveyard Keeper, you’re responsible for the decisions and each one will either positively or negatively affect your business. You’ll have to face ethical dilemmas, gather materials, complete quests, and explore mysterious dungeons all in the name of capitalism.

When is Graveyard Keeper coming to the Nintendo Switch?

The developers behind Graveyard Keeper took to Youtube to announce that the beloved sim would be making its way to the Nintendo Switch in the near future. However, they had a little bit of fun with it. As you can see in the video below, one of the developers, Alex, is casually chilling in a coffin at PAX East playing Graveyard Keeper on the Switch. He then goes on to confirm that Graveyard Keeper is in fact coming to the Nintendo Switch and fans can stop asking for it to be ported. Additionally, if you are at PAX East in Boston, you can go to their booth and test out the Switch version yourself.

Even though we don’t have an official release date yet, fans can rest assured that the beloved Graveyard Keeper will be making its way to the Switch in the near future.