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Fortnite Wall Cannon and Explosive Bolt Bow | What are the two new weapons?

Any time there is a new update for a popular game like Fortnitedataminers love to to see what hidden leaks they can find. Since the latest Fortnite v8.20 update launched earlier today, they’ve hard at work to reveal new Fortnite leaks including two new weapons: the Fortnite Wall Cannon and Explosive Bolt Bow, both of which it is reckoned that, Epic Games will supposedly put into Fortnite in the near future, so we’ll explore them below. However, remember, these are just leaks and not confirmed to be coming to the game.

Fortnite Leaks | What new weapons could be coming to Fortnite?

Explosive Bolt Bow

Fortnite Leak

The first new weapon that could be coming to Fortnite is a bow and arrow with an explosive tip. This new Explosive Bolt Bow would make a lot of sense, given the fire and lava theme from the latest update. In fact, it even seems to be featured in a leaked loading screen for Season 8 Week 5, which can be seen above. So I would say that there is a pretty good chance that this Fortnite leak has some credibility and might show up in the game.

Wall Cannon

The next new weapon that has been leaked seems to be a wall cannon. However, unlike the bow, the Wall Cannon would actually function as a trap. Theoretically, players will be able to place the cannon on the side of a wall or on top of a fort (or any flat surface). It is unclear exactly how it will work, but it seems that the cannon will shoot a cannonball either automatically or manually at opponents who get within its range. It remains to be seen if there is any credibility behind this leak, but it would make the game a bit more interesting if it turns out to be true! Popular Youtuber HYPEX discovered the possible leaks and posted pictures of the Wall Cannon and the Explosive Bolt Bow which can be seen in his tweet below.

When is the Fortnite Wall Cannon and Explosive Bolt Bow release date?

It is pretty difficult to accurately guess when these new weapons could be coming to Fortnite. It seems that the Explosive Bolt Bow was featured in the Week 5 loading screen. So I think it is safe to say that unless Epic decides to scrap the weapon, we will see it in the game around Week 5, which launches tomorrow, March 28.

The Wall Cannon, on the other hand, is really a toss-up. No information was found that hinted at any sort of release date. It could still be in the early stages of development, coming in the next update, or not coming at all. It is impossible to know for sure. Either way, both of these new weapons seem like they would be pretty cool additions to the game.

[Image Credit: Fortnite Intel]