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Apex Legends The Golden Idol | How to unlock gold gun weapon skin

Apex Legends recently entered its first season, named “Wild Frontier,” and with it came the ability to earn the Apex Legends The Golden Idol legendary skin. The new skin, as well as a whole wave of shiny new rewards, are available as part as Apex Legends’ first season pass. The “Battle Pass” contains new character “Octane” as well as skins, emotes, catchphrases, and outfits to earn. These rewards are all available leading up to Tier 100 of the Battle Pass however to acquire the most aspirational reward in Apex Legends Season 1, you’ll need to go beyond even Tier 100.

How to unlock The Golden Idol weapon skin in Apex Legends

Apex Legends The Golden Idol

The Apex Legends The Golden Idol legendary skin is one of the last skins available in the Season 1 Battle Pass and therefore requires a lot of work. You can unlock the gold gun weapon skin for the Havoc Rifle, an energy assault rifle which was added post-release last month. However, before you can even think about working towards it, you’ll need a Battle Pass. The Battle Pass costs either $9.99 or 950 Apex Coins. For an extra boost to your towards getting The Golden Idol as soon as possible, you can also purchase the Battle Pass Bundle for 2,800 Apex Coins. The Battle Pass Bundle unlocks the next 25 levels for you right away.

Now to the nitty-gritty, once you have the Battle Pass, you’ll need to get to work. In order to receive the Apex Legends The Golden Idol skin, you’ll have to reach Tier 110. Once unlocked, The Golden Idol skin will have varying effects on your Havoc Rifle. Reaching Level 1 by getting a kill will add an effect to the gun, this will differ at Level 2 with three kills, and Level 3 with five kills. The different effects aren’t currently known but, hopefully, they will reward all of your hard work.