Box art - Skee-Ball

Skee-Ball iPhone Cheats


Unlockable - Achievements

By completing certain objectives in the game, you'll unlock special awards and titles.

A Box of Quackers - Purchase Petri the Duck.

All 20s - Roll into only the 20s holes in one game.

All 50s - Roll into only the 50s holes in one game.

Amazing Skee Baller - Score 1,200 points on one game.

Avast Mateys! Treasure Ho! - Purchase the Treasure Map.

Best. Score. Ever. - Score 8,000 points in one game.

Champion Skee Baller - Score 800 points in one game.

Cheese It! Before They Realize What Happened! - Purchase Some Kid's Tickets.

Don't Burn Your House Down! - Purchase the Mini Disco Light.

Don't Worry, Ball Happily - Purchase the Smiley Ball.

Every Hole in the Game - Roll into every hole in one game.

Finally, The No Homework On Friday Bill Will Get Passed - Purchase a US Senate Seat.

Fresh From the Carnegie Deli - Purchase the Pastrami Sandwich

God-Like Skee Baller - Score 6,000 points in one game.

Guaranteed Entrance to the Club on a Friday Night - Purchase the Gorilla Bodyguard.

Hotshot Expert Skee Baller - Score 4,000 points in one game.

It's Good To Own Land - Purchase the Farmstead in Oklahoma.

Mullets Are Still Fashionable - Purchase the Giant Mullet Wig.

Now To Shoot An Epic Fantasy Film! - Purchase New Zealand.

Now To Take Over The World! - Purchase the Robot Henchman.

OMG Hugz! - Purchase a hug.

Perfect Game! - Score all 100s in one game.

PEW PEW PEW - Purchase the 8-Bit Ball.

Prepare To Scoop Dragon Poop - Purchase the Pet Dragon.

Proficient Skee Baller - Score 500 points in one game.

Re-Verify Our Range To Target - One Ping Only - Purchase the Nuclear Submarine.

Rising Skee Baller - Score 250 points in one game.

Says Here It's a Doyouthinkasaurus Rex - Purchase the Dinosaur Egg Ball.

Scare Your Siblings! - Purchase the Pinktoe Tarantula.

She's Smiling! Right? Right. Right? - Purchase the Mona Lisa.

So You Finally Caved and Bought One? - Purchase the Peruvian Flute Band CD.

The Ultimate Skee Baller - Score 5,000 points in one game.

Virtuoso Skee Baller - Score 2,000 points in one game.

Well Shut My Mouth and Paint Me Red - Purchase the Oversized Cowboy Hat.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility - Purchase the X-Ray Glasses.

You'll Have a Glow in the Dark Tongue - Purchase the Glow in the Dark Sucker.

You've Got Real Solar Flair - Purchase the Sun Ball.