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Where to find Snap Seeds in Sekiro

Snap Seeds in Sekiro are in finite supply for much of the game, making their whereabouts pretty much gold dust. That’s not good news for those looking to defeat Lady Butterfly, as you’re pretty much required to find a Snap Seed to take her down. Still, even in a game as difficult as Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, it can be especially punishing to hunt down Sekiro Snap Seed locations if you don’t know where to look. Thankfully, we’ve snap, crackled, and popped (blood vessels) trying to hunt down where to find Snap Seeds in the early-game as well as later on in your quest.

Where to find Snap Seeds in Sekiro

snap seeds in sekiro

There are two main Snap Seed locations in the opening hour(s) of Sekiro, but you’ve probably already seen the first one.

Just before you enter the hall to fight Lady Butterfly herself in Hirata Estate, you’ll see a man slouched over against the wall in some considerable pain. If you talk to him, he’ll give you a Snap Seed. However, he’s being pretty stingy with them and only gives you one. If you mess up in the fight and die, that’s it. No more Snap Seeds. That won’t do. So, let’s find more.

Note: this next method will only work once you’ve got past the Giant Snake before Ashina Castle in the Underbridge Valley. Once you’ve stabbed that serpent in the eye, you can return to the area later to see a glowing green patch at the top of the hill past the Palanquin, as shown below. Go up there (don’t worry, you’re safe) to find a bundle of five Snap Seeds.

snap seeds in sekiro

Other Snap Seed locations

Of course, you can get more Snap Seeds later in the game if you want to ward off any apparitions that might come your way. However, the merchant in Mibu Village is your best bet for a consistent source of Snap Seeds.