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Help Kuro or Obey the Iron Code | Should I choose to Protect Kuro in Sekiro?

One of the most difficult moments in Sekiro involves a choice: Help Kuro or obey the Iron Code. It’s not clear what you should pick, especially as one outright says that it involves protecting Kuro, despite going against his wishes. Below, we’ll explain what happens if you choose either option, and whether there’s one choice in particularly out of helping Kuro/The Divine Heir or obeying the Iron Code that makes sense in the long run. Spoilers, however, will be at a minimum unless marked in bold.

Help Kuro or Obey the Iron Code | What should I choose?

obey the iron code

Not long after defeating Genichiro Asina for the first time, you’re presented with a decision: Help Kuro or, if you wish, Obey the Iron Code. The caveat being, as the game tells you, you’ll also protect Kuro if you choose to maintain the Iron Code’s way of life.

Plot twist: you can only properly choose one. The game will nope out if you select “help Kuro,” instead instructing you to pick the latter option. Weirdly, that option will actually see you helping Kuro, with the One-Armed Wolf reneging on his Iron Code. Strange.

How to protect Kuro in Sekiro

obey the iron code

Now this is a major spoiler and one that arrives much later in the game, albeit at a similar juncture with very similar options. Owl will ask you whether you want to “Obey the Iron Code, Forsake Kuro” or “Break the Iron Code, Stay Loyal to Kuro.” Choose the second of those, staying loyal to the Divine Heir, and you’ll be funnelled down the path that sees you properly protecting Kuro, which is nice.

Does it matter whether you help Kuro or Obey the Iron Code?

obey the iron code

In the first instance, where Kuro asks you to help, no. Sekiro will pull a Telltale-style switcheroo on you, where you can only select one option anyway, and it all leads to the same point. Selecting either option here won’t affect any endings, nor will it affect any other aspect of the game.