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Apex Legends Invisible Items Bug | Why can’t I see my health or shield packs?

The Apex Legends invisible items bug is causing annoyance among the community. Players are reporting that they can’t see how many health and shield items in their inventory. So, that’s shields missing, syringes MIA, and plenty more besides that. It’s a game-breaking health bug, to be sure. See if there’s an Apex Legends invisible items bug fix down below.

Apex Legends Invisible Items Bug | Why can’t I see my items?

Apex Legends Invisible Items Bug

The Apex Legends invisible items bug is preventing people from being able to see check what health and shield items they have on them. Players have no idea if they’re carrying medkits, syringes, or phoenix kits and how many of each they have. It’s the same for shield cells and batteries too.

Players have been posting in their droves on this Reddit thread about the issue, with the first post containing an image as proof that these items don’t show up in the item wheel. It’s not reserved for one platform of choice either, with PC, Xbox One, and PS4 users all suffering from the issue.

Apex Legends Invisible Items Bug | Is there a fix?

Apex Legends Invisible Items Bug

Nope, there isn’t an Apex Legends invibisle items bug fix yet. Players have been bumping the thread with upvotes and replies to keep it near the top of the game’s Reddit page in the hope that EA and Respawn will see it.

As yet, neither company’s support teams have though. This is serving to annoy players as, without being able to see what items they have, it’s impossible to play the game. You can’t tell what health or shield item you’re using, if you have any at all.

The issue is a random one so, if you do keep playing, it will be pot luck over if you encounter this. To try and help get the issue sorted, the best course of action will be to post this on the official EA forums, with the hope that it gets noticed as soon as possible. Until then, your fate is in the hands of the Gods.