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Battlefield Firestorm Freezing Bug | Why is my game unresponsive during fights?

A Battlefield Firestorm freezing bug is making it so players are unable to shoot without stuttering in the battle royale. Players have been reporting huge issues with unresponsive matches in the battle royale mode. See if there’s a possible Battlefield Firestorm freezing bug fix is with our guide.

Battlefield Firestorm Freezing Bug | Why can’t I fight properly?

Battlefield Firestorm Freezing Bug

The Battlefield Firestorm freezing bug is causing players’ frame rates to temporarily freeze during combat. As you can imagine, this is making it a nightmare for people to have proper firefights. You could understand if lag was an issue and caused drops in frame rates for a split second. This would be entirely dependent on your internet connection then.

However, players have taken to different areas of the internet to reveal the exact same problem happening whether they’re playing on PC, Xbox One, or PS4. The game’s Reddit page, Twitter users, and EA forum members have all vented their frustration at the issue.

Without the ability to see if your shots are landing properly, the issue is making fights impossible to figure out. Many players are finding themselves being gunned down during the temporary freeze and, as a result, killed not long after. It’s making matches less enjoyable, and causing more headeaches for EA DICE after a rough few months.

Battlefield Firestorm Freezing Bug | Is there a fix?

Battlefield Firestorm Freezing Bug

Nope, there isn’t a Battlefield Firestorm freezing bug fix yet. There’s been no word from EA DICE on any social media platform to explain that the team is looking into the issue. With no confirmation that they’re actively pursuing it, the community is starting to get really tired of it too.

The best way to ensure this problem is seen is to keep any and all threads at the top of their respective pages. Alternatively, you can try contacting EA Support on Twitter, with the hope that somebody sees the problem soon, and sends it on to the dev team to fix.