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Rocket League Season 10 End Date | When will season 11 begin?

The Rocket League Season 10 end date is still (probably) a few months off into Q2 2019, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look forwards to both that and the advent of a brand new Rocket League season. So, instead of mashing “What a save!” in the text chat (I see you), why not join us as we unleash our inner Nostradamus to figure out when Season 10 finishes in Rocket League, and the possible Rocket League Season 11 start date.

When is the Rocket League Season 10 end date?

rocket league season 10 end date

Right now, we don’t really know, save for a bit of educated guesswork. While developers Psyonix has been open in the past about seasons each lasting “3-4 months,” the past two seasons have fluctuated in terms of length.

Season 8, for example, lasted from 29 May, 2018 through to 24 September, 2018, a total of four months. Season 9 overshot that completely, and could be seen as the anomaly of the bunch, with its span of 25 September, 2018 ’til 19 February, 2019 was just shy of five months.

If we’re again, looking at around four months, possibly reaching into five-month territory, then a summer Season 10 end date wouldn’t be out of the question, especially around late June or July 2019 at the latest.

When is the Rocket League Season 11 start date?

rocket league season 10 end date

If we’re taking the rough guidelines set out above as (close) to gospel, then it’s a similar time-frame for the Rocket League season 11 start date. That’s because, unlike proto-Overwatch and other multiplayer titles that operate within the framework of Seasons, there’s no rest period. Season 11 will immediately begin as Season 10 ends, which should, again, be in July 2019.

When will I get my Season 10 rewards?

rocket league season 10 end date

Those will be awarded to you at the beginning of Season 11. If you managed to get 10 wins in your current rank, you’ll be gifted certain Rocket League Season 10 rewards (including Season-specific wheels), as soon as you log in for the first time in Season 11.

We’ll update this page as soon as Psyonix makes an official announcement regarding the Season 10 end date.