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Fallout 76 Double XP Weekends | When can I get double XP in Fallout 76?

There is not one, but two Fallout 76 double XP weekends planned for the month of April, to celebrate the launch of Wild Appalachia and Survival Mode Beta. The two weekends will be a time for players to earn double XP in Fallout while crafting, building, and fighting all across West Virginia. These opportunities don’t come too often, so if you’ve been thinking about getting back into the game, the Fallout 76 double XP weekends would be a perfect time. There is no better time to get out of the vault and explore the old country roads of West Virginia.

When are the Fallout 76 double XP weekends?

Fallout 76 double XP

You can get double XP over the course of two different weekends in the month of April. The first Fallout 76 double XP weekend begins soon and will start on April 4 at 9 AM PT/12 PM ET and run through April 8, ending at 3 AM PT/6 AM ET.

This first double XP weekend will only affect those playing in Survival Mode. The second double XP weekend won’t come until the end of the month and is set to begin on April 25 at 9 AM PT/12 PM ET. It will affect both Survival Mode and Adventure Mode and will end on April 29 at 3 AM PT/ 6 AM ET. Opportunities like this don’t come around too often, so it would be a great time to level-up your character.

Why is Fallout 76 giving out double XP?

Fallout 76 double XP

The double XP weekends are coming to Fallout 76 to celebrate the recent launch of Wild Appalachia and Survival Mode Beta that came during a March update. These are both parts of the Fallout 76 2019 roadmap that was released earlier this year. Some other updates are coming later this year like Nuclear Winter and Wastelanders, so maybe we will see another double XP then. However, for now, there are two double XP weekends coming this month.