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Hitman 2 April Roadmap | Elusive Target, Featured Contracts, game update, and more

Fans of Hitman 2 will be glad to know that plenty of new content is planned for the month ahead. The Hitman 2 April Roadmap is chock-full of exciting developments. Read on to learn all about the Hitman 2 April Elusive Target, the Hitman 2 April Featured Contracts, the Hitman 2 April Challenge Pack, game update, and much more. Got a calendar ready? You might want to note some of these dates.

Thanks go to the io Interactive website for all the details. It’s set to be a bumper month for Hitman 2. Time to prepare yourself accordingly.

Hitman 2 April Roadmap Challenge Packs

Hitman 2 April Roadmap

Another month in Hitman 2 means a brand-new Challenge Pack is ready and waiting. Going live today (April 4), the Hitman 2 Mumbai Master Challenge Pack offers a solid reward upon its completion. You will prowl the streets of Mumbai dressed in the Holy man outfit. If you complete all of the themed challenges, you will earn yourself the powerful Magnesium Pouch. Become the Mumbai Master. But wait, there’s more.

A second Challenge Pack will be coming to Hitman 2 at the end of April, too. On April 25, 2019, you will be able to play The Nolan Disinfection Challenge Pack. Something strange is taking place in the usually sleepy neighborhood of Whittleton Creek. In this Escalation Challenge Pack, you will need to poison and tamper with “a certain fumigator.” Each challenge will prove to be an escalation, and it’s up to you to deal with each step that the game throws at you. Think quickly and we’re sure you’ll be fine.

Hitman 2 April Roadmap Legacy Elusive Target

Hitman 2 April Roadmap

A new Legacy Elusive Target is yours to hunt down beginning on April 12, 2019. The Prince is yours to eliminate in any way you wish for ten days. The Papal contender is not as innocent as he may seem and you are ordered to kill him. Father Adalrico Candelaria will return to the Sapienza level for ten days beginning on April 12.

If you successfully eliminate this Elusive Target you will be awarded with the Italian Suit with Gloves to wear whenever you like. You’ll look stylish on your killing spree. Try not to get blood on the suit, though, else you’ll lose your deposit.

Hitman 2 April Roadmap Featured Contracts

Hitman 2 April Roadmap

A new month means a new batch of Featured Contracts. The theme for the homemade contracts this month is “Ghost Busters.” It’s named so because Ghost Mode is receiving a new location as part of the Hitman 2 April Roadmap. The open-ended theme helps to make sure that any Contract creator can do their own thing. You’ll be able to create and share your homemade Ghost Busters Contracts from April 17, 2019. Get those creative juices flowing.

Hitman 2 April Roadmap Ghost Mode Location and Updates

Hitman 2 April Roadmap

Everyone’s favorite 1v1 Hitman 2 multiplayer mode is expanding. A brand-new Ghost Mode location is coming to the game on April 30, 2019. The new map is Santa Fortuna in Colombia (as mentioned above). The new map isn’t all that will be added to Ghost Mode, however.

Alongside the Santa Fortuna Ghost Mode map will be new emotes and items to use throughout all of the Ghost Mode maps. This includes the Phantom Suit outfit. You will unlock this for use in Ghost Mode when you complete the new Phantom Assassin Ghost Mode Challenge. Alongside the Phantom Suit, there are plenty of new items and emotes to use in Ghost Mode. The new items are as follows:

  • The Ghost Freeze Grenade: This will slow down your opponent for a limited amount of time.
  • The Ghost Flash Grenade: The Flash Grenade will blind your opponent for a limited amount of time.
  • The Ghost Proximity Explosive: Plant this and it will explode if your opponent walks too close.
  • The Ghost Outfit Manipulator: Use this item to change both yours and our opponent’s outfit to a new random one.

As of writing, we have only been shown one emote: A slow clap. Perfect for when your enemy messes up. All of this is part of the latest April 2019 Hitman 2 major update.

Hitman 2 April Roadmap | Major game update

Hitman 2 April Roadmap

On top of everything explained above, a brand-new “major” Hitman 2 game update is scheduled to go live on April 30. This will not only drop the new Ghost Mode Santa Fortuna map, new items, and emotes, but will also provide plenty of new bug fixes and further game improvements. Unfortunately, io Interactive has not yet detailed the new Hitman 2 update with full patch notes.