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Sekiro Hidden Tooth | What is the item dropped by Hanbei?

The Sekiro Hidden Tooth item is secretly one of the most useful in the game, yet it is pretty damn hard to know where to find the resurrection item and even harder still to use it effectively. Here’s the Hidden Tooth location (and, no, it’s not at the Hidden Dentist), as well as a run-through of how many times you can use the Hidden Tooth in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Where to find the Hidden Tooth in Sekiro

Sekiro Hidden tooth

This is all linked to (spoiler alert) killing Hanbei the Undying. Check out our kill Hanbei the Undying guide for the exact method but, right now, all you need to know is that the Hidden Tooth location is placed firmly under Hanbei’s dead body near the Dilapidated Temple after you have slain him.

How many times can I use the Sekiro Hidden Tooth?

Sekiro Hidden tooth

The Hidden Tooth is a permanent item, meaning you can use it however many times you wish and as often as you want. It is, in effect, a resurrection aid.

Instead of dying like normal, using the Hidden Tooth via the pause menu or the quick item panel on the HUD will kill the One-Armed Wolf and instantly resurrect him without using up any of his time-related resurrections. Indeed, it’ll even refill all of your resurrections for you, meaning you essentially get one free death whenever you want.

It should only be used, ideally, when you’re about to die anyway, and should also be bitten down on a little away from your opponent as you might be able to get a few quick shots on them instead of them attacking you once you revive.

To re-iterate, you can use this whenever, wherever (in the words of Shakira, not to be confused with Sekiro) and has no cooldown effect. You could argue that it turns the game into one big Sekiro Easy Mode.

Can I use the Hidden Tooth in New Game Plus?

Sekiro Hidden tooth

You can! All key items such as the Hidden Tooth in Sekiro can be brought over into New Game Plus, as well as subsequent playthroughs.