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The Division 2 Invasion: Battle for DC | Tidal Basin, WT5, and more

With The Division 2 being out for a few weeks now, it is about time to start talking about post-game content for the looter shooter. That is exactly what Massive Entertainment did in their March 27 State of the Game live stream, where they announced information about Tidal Basin, WT5, and more. Now fast forward another week, and it is finally time for those things (and much more) to be added into the game as part of The Division 2 Invasion: Battle for DC updates. The first portion of the three-part update is called Tidal Basin and will be going live on April 5. Below we’ve got details on everything that is coming to the first installment of The Division 2 Invasion: Battle for DC update.

What is coming with The Division 2 Invasion: Battle for DC update?

The Division 2 Invasion: Battle for DC

Tidal Basin

Tidal Basin is an enemy faction stronghold in The Division 2. Agents from all around DC must come together to complete this endgame world event. However, it is not for every Agent: you must be the best of the best to take on the Tidal Basin mission. You will only be permitted to be a part of this mission if you have achieved World Tier 4 and have a gear score of at least 425. Taking over this stronghold isn’t going to be easy, but it is essential to take back Washington DC.

World Tier 5

World Tier 5 is the next and final tier of gameplay that players can grind out. It is only unlockable after completing the Tidal Basin mission. Once you have completed that, World Tier 5 will be unlocked and Agents will be able to increase their gear score to 450-500.

Weekly Invasions

Once you have completed the Tidal Basin mission and unlocked World Tier 5, you will also be given access to weekly invasions. These missions will take you back to previous story missions that the Black Tusk has taken control of. The missions are essentially the same, but are going to be a bit harder this time around. However, as a reward, they will drop better loot to help you increase your gear score. The weekly invasions will reset every week and apply to different previous story missions.

Heroic Difficulty

To top off all of this new content coming in the first installment of The Division 2 Invasion: Battle for DC update, a new difficulty mode is also coming. Heroic difficulty is only for the top Agents. It will offer more difficulty to previous and new missions. Additionally, players can play the weekly invasions on heroic difficulty to have a chance at even better loot.

Is there any new weapons or gear coming to The Division 2?

The Division 2 Invasion: Battle for DC

In addition to all of the new content coming to The Division 2, there are also some new weapons and gear seats making their way into the game. The two new exotic weapons that are coming are called Pestilence and Nemesis, a light machine gun and sniper rifle. There are also three new gear sets that are coming on April 5, True Patriot, Hardwired and Ongoing Directive. Each gear set will give Agents a specific bonus for different play styles.

What is The Invasion Apparel Event?

The Division 2 Invasion: Battle for DC

The Invasion Apparel Event will allow players to collect outfits that are inspired by the enemy factions so that you can win back DC in style. You will also be able to get new masks and weapon skins from this event. This new fashionable event is the first one and will allow you to “make history in style.”

The Division 2 Fort McNair Map

The last thing coming with this installment of The Division 2 Invasion: Battle for DC update is an all-new PvP map known as Fort McNair. Battle it out with other Agents across Washington, DC to level up so you can take on even the worst of enemies!

What is next for The Divison 2?

The Division 2 Invasion: Battle for DC

This update is only the beginning of The Division 2 Invasion: Battle for DC updates. The next installment is set to go live on April 25 and is known as Operation Dark Hours. It introduces the first ever eight-player raid and sets the groundwork for the epic fight for control over DC. It will also be adding the first Classified Assignments to the game, so we will have to wait to learn more about those. There is one more update that has been announced as part of the Invasion: Battle for DC updates, and it will bring a new fourth specialization, along with its new signature weapon.

That is all we know about the future of The Division 2 right now, but I’d say the future is looking quite bright, with lots of great content coming out soon. All of this great new content will begin tomorrow, April 5, when the Tidal Basin portion of The Division 2 Invasion: Battle for DC update goes live.