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Rage 2 Cheat Codes | Diamond Geezer, He’s on Fire, and more

Rage 2 cheat codes are a thing. Yep, you read that right. Bethesda has revealed that the rumored cheats are real. There’s plenty available for you to try out, including Diamond Geezer and He’s on Fire, and we’re sure you want to know how to get cheat codes in Rage 2. Read our Rage 2 cheat codes guide for more.

Rage 2 Cheat Codes | What cheats are available?

Rage 2 Cheat Codes

Bethesda has announced six Rage 2 cheat codes that will be part of the game when it launches on May 14. We’ve listed them for you below, so you can get an idea of which one you might opt to use during your own playthrough.

  • He’s on Fire — Thought to be an April’s Fool joke, this cheat is actually real. Activating this code gets you a running commentary from NBA Jam and MLB Slugfest commentator Tim Kitzrow.
  • Diamond Geezer — If a cockney accent is more of your thing, you can get your ears around British actor Danny Dyer’s voiceover. Expect plenty of swearing and unique ways of saying the word “naughty.”
  • Git Gud — Getting away from those voiceovers, this allows you to down enemies with a single hit. An easy way to play the game, sure, but you’ll feel like a God while you do it.
  • Son of Thor — Enlist the help of God of Thunder. You’ll electrocute any enemy that comes too close to you with this activated.
  • Klegg Support — Enable this to get you an AI companion in the form of Rage 2‘s arrogant businessman Klegg Clayton. Might not be for everyone.
  • Phoenix Rejector Seat — Don’t want to eject out of your vehicle? Want your vehicle to be ejected from around you and into the air? Enable this, and laugh hysterically at the absurdity of it.

Rage 2 Cheat Codes | How to get them

Rage 2 Cheat Codes

To get your hands of the Rage 2 cheat codes, you simply need to buy a version of the game. That’s it. There’s no microtransactions at play here. Bethesda revealed so much in a blog post, so you need not worry about missing out on them.

If you buy the Deluxe edition, you’ll be given three cheat codes straight away. Even better, if you pre-order any edition of the game, you’ll be given the “He’s on Fire” cheat code as a thank you. These cheat codes will be automatically available in the Cheats subsection of the menu, so don’t worry about having to sit around inputting a 25-character code to use them.

If you buy any version other than the Deluxe one, you’ll need to track down a character known as the Wasteland Wizard to get them. This oddball mutant will give you cheat codes, and other items, for in-game currency. Again though, you won’t have to spend real world money to get them.