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Control DLC | Release date, free and premium updates

Remedy Entertainment has revealed what Control DLC we can expect to see after the game’s August 27 launch day. If you want an idea of when the release date for this content will be, as well as what free and premium updates will be available, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more with our Control DLC guide.

Control DLC | Release date

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As you might have already suspected, there’s no official release date for any of the Control DLC. With the game’s release day still four months away, this won’t come as a surprise to anyone.

We will find out more about the expansion packs after the game is released, however. Remedy communications director Thomas Puha revealed at PAX East 2019 (via VG247) that the developer would reveal more about this post-launch content once the game is in the hands of its fans.

Puha offered a hint that the first installment could come around winter 2019, though. This would allow players to complete the main game and leave enough time to make them want more.

Control DLC | Free and premium updates

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Elaborating on the Control DLC, Puha also revealed that there would both free and premium expansions coming to the sci-fi action title. He explained that there would be two pieces of premium DLC post-launch, which will naturally cost players some real-world cash to download.

There isn’t any word on whether this premium content will focus on the game’s protagonist Jesse Faden, act as a prequel to the campaign, or touch on the aftermath of the events that occur. These would clearly be spoilers, so it’s obvious that Remedy won’t discuss the details just yet.

There will also be multiple free updates for the game. They will serve as a bridge between the main story and the paid DLC that will come further down the line. Again, there’s no word on what these will entail, but we’ll be the first to let you know when we find out.