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Division 2 Talk to Henry Hayes | Why can’t I speak to Henry at the Campus Settlement?

Picture this: you’re given one objective before you can continue the main story in The Division 2: Talk to Henry Hayes. But no dice. Because The Division 2 won’t let you speak to Henry in the Campus Settlement. It’s immensely frustrating and, thus far, it’s been an issue that hasn’t been addressed by Ubisoft. So, is there a The Division 2 Henry Hayes fix? Well, not quite, but we’ll at least show you how to talk to Henry Hayes in The Division 2 and what to do if you can’t speak to Henry.

Henry Hayes Location | Where to speak to Henry in the Campus Settlement

Talk to Henry Hayes

Fast travel to the Campus, providing you’ve got that far in the game’s main story. Then you need to make your way through the main entrance and turn left where it says Disaster Relief Care.

From there, you should see a great big tree in an open space in front of you. Run straight ahead and slightly past that. There will be a fork in the road, with one path going straight ahead and one in the 2 o’clock position.

In-between those two paths is a gray shipping container with a man standing guard outside. Interact with the faintly-outlined door to talk to him.

Division 2 Talk to Henry Hayes | Why can’t I speak to Henry at the Campus Settlement?

Talk to Henry Hayes

However, the method above doesn’t work for everyone. Many, including from Reddit and beyond, are finding that they can’t talk to Henry Hayes and the notification to speak to him won’t go away, halting mission progress in the process.

Unfortunately, there’s no real magical Talk to Henry Hayes fix that’ll make it all better. We’ve been waiting with bated breath for some sort of solution after each update but, thus far, none has arrived.

You can try a couple of things, though, that might alleviate the issue. Joining a squad with members of the party who have managed to finish all Talk to Henry Hayes objectives without hitting a roadblock might clear out the cobwebs, as it’s been known to fix other similar issues where players are stuck on objectives.

Also, trying to jump from different squad to different squad could also do the trick. Generally, playing solo can screw things up a little, so the objective might finally pop up and complete once you’ve done it in someone else’s game or, if you like, set up a squad where you’re the leader and everyone else has already completed it.