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The Division 2 New Specialization | When is the Minigun Specialist Weapon release date?

So, this The Division 2 new Specialization that’s been teased is pretty cool. Featuring a Minigun Specialist Weapon, the fourth Specialization in The Division 2 is going to be special. But it’s not clear when the new Specialization release date is. We’ve done the legwork, though, and zeroed in on when you can play as the Minigun Specialization class.

What is The Division 2 new Specialization?

The Division 2 New Specialization

So far, we only know what Massive has shown us during its roadmap for the next few months. In it, the final round-up of the new features includes a fourth Specialization to go alongside the other endgame skillsets of Demolitionist, Sharpshooter, and Survivalist.

We only got a brief glimpse in the Battle for D.C trailer, but a minigun is readily apparent so, in terms of pure speculation (and how it would fit in alongside the other Specializations in The Division 2), the new Specialization could be more of a heavy-hitter as opposed to the explosive Demolitonist, long-range intensive Sharpshooter, or the think-on-your-feet nature of the Survivalist.

Outside of that, we only know general details: that it exists and there’s a minigun. Expect some skills to back that up, too, with perhaps additional armor and general increased damage across the board coming into play, though nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

When is the minigun fourth Specialization release date?

The Division 2 New Specialization

Title Update 4, whenever that is. Title Update 2 landed on April 5 and Title Update 1 arrived alongside the game’s launch on March 15. If Massive and Ubisoft maintains that sort of schedule of two-to-three weeks, and with Title Update 3 coming on April 25, we can expect a firm fourth Specialization release date of May 2019. So not long to wait now until you get your hands on that minigun.

How to unlock the fourth Specialization in The Division 2

The Division 2 New Specialization

Unless The Division 2 deviates from its current formula (and level cap), you’ll unlock the fourth Specialization once you’ve completed the main campaign and, crucially, once you’ve hit the level 30 rank.

Already got one equipped? Head to the Quartermaster in the White House to change Specializations.