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Complete Redacted Achievement in Risk of Rain 2 | Open the Timed Security Chest

Like many of the challenges in Risk of Rain 2, knowing how to complete the Redacted achievement and open the Timed Security Chest on Rallypoint Delta will take both knowledge and skill. Most notably, you’re going to need to prepare yourself for one of the most difficult runs you’ll ever take on in Risk of Rain 2, as you’re going to be literally fighting the clock to complete the areas as quickly as possible. Below you’ll find all the info that you need to complete the Redacted achievement and unlock the Timed Security Chest.

How to Complete the Redacted Achievement

If you want to unlock the Redacted achievement in Risk of Rain 2, then you’re going to need to find and unlock the Timed Security Chest in Rallypoint Delta within 10 minutes. After 10 minutes the time lock will kick in, making you unable to open the chest. The good news is that the chest is actually pretty easy to find. The bad news? Well, you’ll need to complete two areas before you can even start looking for it.

Risk of Rain 2 - Redacted achievement details

The first thing you need to do to complete this achievement is prepare yourself. This means choosing the right character for the job. Since you’re going to be fighting the clock, you won’t have time to run around killing enemies and collecting gold to open up chests with. Instead, you’re going to want to choose a character that can get by without a ton of upgrades, as you’re going to need to find the teleporter as quickly as possible and activate it.

Try running a character like Huntress or the Engineer. While the Huntress is a bit squishy, her ability to fire arrows while sprinting makes it much harder for enemies to hit her during combat. Also, the Engineer’s shield skill will allow him to hide from any incoming damage during the boss battle, and his turrets can fire at enemies even if you need to retreat. Just remember you aren’t going to be picking up many (if any) items during this run, so be prepared to deal with base statistics on whichever character you choose.

How to Get to Rallypoint Delta Quickly

Since Rallypoint Delta is the third level of your run, you will need to complete two arenas without upgrading your damage, critical chance, or health. This is going to be a huge challenge if you aren’t that skilled at the game, and it will honestly go by much easier with at least one other person to help soak up hits and deal damage to the boss.

After you hit the first level, immediately start searching for the teleporter. Find it, and then go ahead and activate it. Punctuality is key here, and you don’t have a second to waste. Focus your attention on the boss and try to burn it as quickly as possible. The boss SHOULD be easy to kill, but if you end up with one of the tougher enemies like the Wandering Vagrant, then you might want to scrap the run and start over. The easiest boss to kill here will be the Beetle Queen, as she can be burned down quickly, even with normal attacks.

Risk of Rain 2 Time Security Chest

After the teleporter is cleared, wait for it to charge. If you’re playing with a friend, one of you can take a moment to loot any nearby chests. Don’t run too far, though, as you’ll want to charge the teleport up as quickly as possible. With it charged, interact with it once more and you’ll be whisked away to the next area.

This area will be a bit tougher, especially without any powerups. Stick together with your friend or just keep moving if you’re playing solo. Again, your goal is to find the teleporter and start up the boss fight as quickly as possible. Don’t bother stopping for any chests or enemies, just keep moving. Start the teleporter up, clear the boss, and then wait for it to charge. When it’s done, hop on into the next area.

How to Find the Timed Security Chest

Welcome to Rallypoint Delta. This is the third arena that you’ll find yourself in, and this is where the Timed Security Chest can be found. It shouldn’t be hard to spot it, and if you’ve played your cards right, you should have a couple of minutes to kill before the time lock kicks in.

The chest can spawn a total of four areas that we’ve discovered so far:

  • The first area is at the foot of the antenna on the top of the massive cliff in the center of the area.
  • The second area the chest can spawn is at the bottom of the cliff with the antenna, next to the fence.
  • The third possible spawn for the Timed Security Chest is inside of a container at the foot of the cliff.
  • Finally, you can sometimes find the chest inside of the large containers stacked on top of each other.

Peon Accumulator in Risk of Rain 2

Check each of the areas that we’ve listed above and you should find the chest in one of them. If we find any additional spawns, then we’ll be sure to notate them here as well. When you do find the chest, open it up and you’ll be rewarded with the Preon Accumulator, which fires preon tendrils, zapping enemies within a 35-meter area for up to 600% damage per second. Upon making contact with enemies, the Preon Accumulator will detonate in a 20-meter explosion, dealing 4,000% damage to any enemies caught within it.

Now that you’ve completed the Redacted achievement, make sure you also know how to unlock all characters in Risk of Rain 2 so you have plenty of options for your next run.