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Apex Legends Octane Stim Bug | Why can’t I draw my weapon?

An Apex Legends Octane Stim bug is stoppping players from using their gun while his tactical abiltiy is being used. If you’re wondering why you can’t use your weapon, like everyone else, then you’ll be looking for an Apex Legends Octane Stim bug fix. See if there is one doing the rounds.

Apex Legends Octane Stim Bug | Weapon drawing issue

Apex Legends Octane Stim Bug

In order to understand what the Apex Legends Octane Stim bug is, we need to know what is supposed to happen when it’s used. Ordinarily when Octane’s tactical ability is in use, players are still able to fire their weapon at opponents, despite having a sizable speed boost for a limited amount of time.

Ever since the 1.1 patch went live on April 5, however, players have been finding that they cannot draw their weapon while the Stim ability is being used. Threads have popped up on the game’s Reddit page and official EA forums from people who are unable to run and gun while they play as the adrenaline junkie legend.

Apex Legends Octane Stim Bug | Is there a fix?

Apex Legends Octane Stim Bug

As of right now, no. The Apex Legends Octane Stim bug is still without an official fix, but this is likely down to the fact that Respawn simply haven’t had time to look for one yet.

The patch only went live on Friday, so the development team will have been on downtime over the weekend. It’s almost certain that the development and forum support teams will return to work on Monday, and see that there’s an issue here. That will likely mean that they’ll get to work on looking into it, and finding a solution, when the working week starts.

For now, you can post your own bug issues in the above Reddit or EA forum threads to help move things along. Try and give as much detail as you can, if you’ve experienced it, and back it up with video footage or screenshots. This will help the team locate the problem, and sort it out quicker.