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Anthem Monitor Bug | Why is The Monitor not taking damage?

As you get to the end of Anthemyou’ll find yourself matched up against the main antagonist of the game. The Monitor is the leading force behind the Dominion and can act as both a Cypher and a Lancer at the same time. He is a powerful enemy and shows up at multiple times throughout the gameFans have come across a bug in the game that causes The Monitor to not take any damage in the final battle. The Anthem Monitor bug can be annoying because if it happens to you, you’ll have to restart the battle since he won’t take any more damage. Thankfully, the Anthem Monitor bug is rare and it seems that it won’t affect the majority of the people facing Anthem final boss for the first time.

How does the Anthem Monitor bug happen?

*Spoiler Warning: Minor Anthem spoilers ahead*

Reddit user Emiliovaslord is credited with discovering this strange glitch in the final battle of Anthem. Essentially, if you cause enough damage to The Monitor during the first phase of the fight, the game will glitch and not allow you to damage him any further. As you can see in the video below from Reddit, The Monitor is taken down to about a fourth of his overall health. Once he gets to that point, the bug kicks in and The Monitor freezes up. Despite the player’s best effort, he is unable to damage The Monitor further and is going to have to restart the battle.

If you deal enough damage to the Monitor in the first phase to kill him, the game softlocks. from r/AnthemTheGame

How can I avoid the Anthem Monitor bug?

Anthem Monitor

As some Reddit users pointed out in the comments, it is very difficult to cause this much damage to The Monitor in the first phase of the battle. With that said, it is technically possible. Lots of players like to play on easy mode to get their daily challenges done, after all. In a nutshel;, if you are playing on easy mode and happen to be doing the final battle with The Monitor, you’ll be able to cause a lot of damage to him. Between the game being on easy mode and using advanced weapons and ultimates, you will be able to take The Monitors health bar down enough to potentially make the Anthem Monitor bug happen.

Thankfully, the bug where The Monitor doesn’t take damage shouldn’t affect most people doing their first play through the game. However, if you find yourself facing The Monitor while you’re on easy mode, you’ll need to be careful and make sure that you either change the difficulty or are cautious about how much damage you do to him during the first phase of the battle. That’s the only sure-fire way of avoiding the bug and making sure The Monitor takes damage as intended.