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Is there a Days Gone Xbox One release date?

If you’ve been pondering the possibility of a Days Gone Xbox One release date is, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got the lowdown on whether the upcoming survival horror action-adventure game is coming to Microsoft’s console. Learn more by reading our Days Gone Xbox One guide.

Days Gone Xbox One | Release Date

Days Gone Xbox One

If you came here expecting an official Days Gone Xbox One release date, you better be prepared for some bad news. The game won’t be coming to Microsoft’s console at all.

This is due to the fact that Days Gone is a PS4 exclusive. Days Gone has been developed by SIE Bend Studio, which falls under the Sony Interactive Entertainment brand. Due to it being made by a company that lives under Sony’s development umbrella, it won’t have a release date on Xbox One, though the recent bringing down of walls between Nintendo and Microsoft means you can never say never.

Days Gone Xbox One | Will it ever be ported?

Not likely. There is unlikely to ever be a Days Gone Xbox One port. As we mentioned above, Days Gone is a PS4 exclusive developed in-house by one of Sony’s owned game companies.

As Microsoft is a serious competitor of Sony’s in the technology and gaming market, it would be mad for Sony to port their own title to the Xbox One, and reduce its own PS4 sales in the process. Much like other PS4 exclusive titles, such as Spider-Man and Uncharted, Days Gone will remain a PS4 exclusive game for the rest of time.

There have been rumors that an Xbox One port of the game would come at some point, but really don’t believe anything you hear. It’s almost certain that those rumors are born out of online trolls who would look to reel you in and get a cheap laugh. If you want to play Days Gone, your only chance to to buy a PS4 if you don’t own one already.