Box art - Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Morse Code | Who is the first Vault Hunter and Destroyer?

Borderlands 3 has been revealed at last, it’s out this September, and fans are digging apart all the trailers and reveals to find as many secrets as they can. We’ve already managed to identify many of the characters from previous titles returning in the new game, but now the latest secret to be uncovered is a pair of new Borderlands 3 morse code messages.

These latest hidden morse code messages for Borderlands 3 seem to give hints towards the game’s story, and maybe even a returning boss character from a previous game. But where are these new Borderlands 3 morse code messages? What do they say once translated? Who is the first Vault Hunter, and who is this Destroyer? And are there any other hidden messages in previous Borderlands 3 media? We’ve got the answers.

What are the new Borderlands 3 morse code Twitch messages?

The new Borderlands 3 morse code messages were uncovered by YouTuber Joltzdude139, who also translated them in his video. The messages can be found on the standby page for the Borderlands Twitch channel. The offline Twitch page for the game has been updated to show the Borderlands 3 cover art, however Joltzdude139 spotted two additions on the sides of the picture: two vertical messages that appear to be in morse code. After translating, the first message reads “Where is the first Vault hunter?” and the second message is “who is the Destroyer?” Let’s see if we can answer these questions.

Who is the first Vault Hunter?

In the Borderlands universe Vault Hunters, of course, are groups of adventurers in search of a way to open the mythical Vaults of Pandora, although there are other Vaults on other planets. Who the first Vault Hunters are, however, is open to speculation. There has been the suggestion that the first gang of Vault Hunters were Tannis, Marcus, Moxxi, and Zed, based on the information from past appearances. Three of these characters are back in Borderlands 3. On the other hand, the very first Vault Hunter may be someone we haven’t met yet, and may tie into the story of the new game.

Who is the Destroyer?

The Destroyer, on the other hand, is someone players of Borderlands will be very familiar with, as it’s the final boss of the first game in the series. It’s a gigantic god-like monster with a single eye, with multiple tentacles and a huge gaping mouth. It comes pouring out of the first Vault on Pandora at the end of Borderlands, as it was imprisoned there thousands of years ago by the Eridians at the cost of their whole civilization.

Of course, the question “who is the Destroyer?” is a very interesting one, since none of our previous encounters with the beast have truly explained where it came from and exactly what it is. It’s even been speculated that the first Vault Hunter may actually be the Destroyer, so linking both messages. We certainly won’t know the answer until Borderlands 3 comes out in September, or at least more information is revealed, but we’re eager to find out more about the first game’s final boss.

What other Borderlands 3 Morse Code messages have been found?

It’s by now established that Gearbox likes to hide things in their games, or at least in their promotional material. Messages in the last Battleborn DLC, for example, included messages that gave similar hints to the Twitch codes about the storyline for Borderlands 3: “Visit Prometea / Children of the Vault / We are not on Pandora anymore / Tannis is not what she seems / Do not open the Vaults.

The studio has even hidden Borderlands 3 morse code messages before, in the game’s first teaser trailer. For starters there was a Shift Code hidden in the teaser, which is a special cheat code players can use in the games. There was also another message in Braille, which reads “follow and obey” for some currently unknown reason.

However, the morse code message read “count the sirens.” While there were three siren sounds are heard in the trailer after this point, which may simply have teased the Borderlands 3 announcement further, it could be a reference to the Siren class of Vault Hunter, who seem to be a big deal in the new game’s story. We’ll know more once the game comes out, or more likely, Gearbox releases more teases to confound fans.