Borderlands 3 Shift Code discovered by eagle-eyed viewers

A Borderlands 3 Shift Code seems to have been discovered in the teaser trailer released today. Viewers have been going through the teaser with a fine-tooth comb and have discovered a couple of different hidden messages. The 25 characters required for a shift code were scattered throughout the teaser.

The completed shift code was discovered by Reddit user “TheDudeTrader.” The code is C35TB-WS6ST-TXBRK-JJH6H and can be used within Borderlands 2. The code unlocks a Sal skin as well as 5 golden keys. The commenters on a Reddit thread about the teaser, as well as on the YouTube video of the teaser itself, were quick to notice the codes and begin dissecting other information.

Borderlands 3 Shift Code

Another hidden message appears to be being delivered via Morse code. A light in the top left corner of the screen is blinking throughout. Viewers have discerned the message says: “count the sirens.” Following these instructions will lead you to count the sound of three sirens in the trailer. This has been speculated as a potential nod towards an impending Borderlands 3 announcement. A third secret code was in the form of a message in braille. The braille message reportedly reads “follow and obey,” the implications of this message seem less clear.

The Borderlands teaser trailer itself showcases a return to some familiar faces as well as some new ones. The trailer concludes with the message, “Mayhem is coming.” The description on the video points viewers towards Gearbox’s PAX East live stream which will be occurring tomorrow, March 27, at 2 PM EST /11 AM PT.

Despite the information, Gearbox did recently suggest a Borderlands 3 reveal would not be dropping this month. Regarding Borderlands 3, CEO Randy Pitchford has recently discussed the likelihood of the sequel being exclusive to the Epic Games Store via Twitter. One game that seems nailed on to be on the way is a Borderlands Game of the Year edition, the release was recently rated by the ESRB.