Gearbox suggests Borderlands 3 reveal not happening this month

Borderlands 3, the latest game in the bestselling loot shooter series from Gearbox, still has not had an official announcement, despite being teased so many times over the years. The most recent tease, however, was by far the most exciting, as it showed a worn-down and cel-shaded road sign in the desert with a posted date set for this month. The teaser could not have been more Borderlands if it tried, and fans are very excited. Unfortunately, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford has now suggested that the Borderlands 3 reveal will not actually be happening this month after all.

The tease earlier on this week was a posting on the official Gearbox Twitter feed. It was a picture of a road sign with the words “March 28, Boston, MA,” which coincides with PAX East, along with the popular “eyes” emoji. Aside from looking straight out of the Borderlands style of cel-shaded wastelands, the sign also has the words “Exit 3” at the top. Gearbox then later confirmed it would be revealing some games at PAX East, leading fans to naturally speculate that Borderlands 3 will be revealed at the show later this month. Now Randy Pitchford has suggested in a Twitter post that this may not be the case.

While this is not an outright denial of a Borderlands 3 announcement, it has the air of a developer desperately to pull back on the wild rumors before they turn into disappointment and then hostility. The ending note of “we’re almost ready… almost there” in particular feels like Pitchford is saying that the team are nearly ready to reveal the game, but not this month.

While it is hard to get anything other than Borderlands 3 from the previous tease, especially with that “exit 3” note at the top (dozens of people either designed or signed off on this before it was tweeted, remember), if people were getting things correct there would be no need for a tweet like this from Gearbox’s CEO. No matter what, if Borderlands 3 is not revealed at PAX East, there will be a lot of unhappy Borderlands fans out there.