Borderlands 3 announcement date teased by Gearbox

It seems as if an announcement for Borderlands 3 isn’t too far off now, as developer Gearbox Software has tweeted out a vague picture in the distinct art style of the games. The tweet in question states, “March 28 Boston MA”. The date and location coincide with PAX East, where it will seemingly be announced. Fans of the series have been begging Gearbox for years to release a sequel to the massively successful looter shooter, and it seems that Gearbox are finally ready to show off what it has under their sleeves.

The sequel has been teased multiple times by the developer over the years, with the studio originally showing a tech demo using Borderlands-related assets back at GDC 2017. The game was originally rumored to be announced at E3 2018 in a series of leaks from Walmart Canada but was seemingly absent.

As time went on, publisher 2K Games announced that a mystery game that it would be publishing was delayed into 2019, and speculation went wild as to whether this was Borderlands 3 or not. Last year, a rating was filed for Borderlands: GOTY Edition, which has also recently had a trophy list go up.

It’s been almost 3 years since the developer has released its last major game, Battleborn, which received a lukewarm reception critically but didn’t do too well in sales. The developer also started to venture off into other areas of the industry, such as opening a publishing division within the company.

The publisher went on to release a remaster of Duke Nukem 3D, We Happy Few, and the Homeworld Remastered Collection. All the games listed haven’t been a critical success, with some saying that the remaster that Gearbox had released for Duke Nukem 3D was inferior to previous releases, but with Borderlands 3 and a remaster on the horizon though, things should start to look up for the company.