Tweet Unavailable | Why can’t I see tweets in a Twitter thread?

Ah, the dreaded Tweet Unavailable message. There you are, scrolling down your timeline and you end up barrelling into a Twitter thread. But there’s a problem: You can’t see all of the tweets because part of the reply is missing. It’s a weird issue to have, and you might think it requires a Twitter update or is some sort of glitch. As you’ll find out below, the Tweet Unavailable message is actually a combination of a few things: Either you’ve annoyed someone, they’ve annoyed you, or they’ve just decided to clear their timeline.

Tweet Unavailable | Why can’t I see tweets in a Twitter thread?

First, to dispel some myths: You’re not seeing “Tweet Unavailable” because of a bug in the app, nor is it because the person is in private. It’s actually a little bit more dramatic than that.

The first option, and least likely, is that a person has deleted their tweet after someone has replied to it. You’ll still see the reply, as is Twitter’s wont, but everything above it will be replaced by the Tweet Unavailable message.

Like I said, though, that isn’t the most likely culprit. In fact, you’re seeing Tweet Unavailable because either you’ve been blocked by the person who has sent the tweet, or you have blocked them. You won’t be able to know which it is, but that’s the reason you’re getting it.

You can, however, attempt to view the tweet, even after seeing Tweet Unavailable. A common course of action would be to log in to another Twitter account (where you’re presumably not blocked/have done the blocking, you naughty so-and-so). Just find the conversation that including the thread with the Tweet Unavailable notification and you should now see that it’s been replaced by the full conversation.

If you don’t have access to a second Twitter account, and want to check if it’s someone you’ve blocked, rather than muted, click on your icon and head to Settings and privacy. From there, click through to Privacy and safety, then to Blocked accounts. If you wish, you can unblock them all here to see if that does the trick, though it’s not something I’d recommend.