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World War Z Cross-Platform | Is there WWZ cross play on Xbox One, PS4, and PC?

It’s always a big deal for multiplayer shooters, and you’ll probably be keenly wondering whether World War Z cross-platform play is a thing. It’s a fair question, too. Sony and Microsoft are opening up to cross-platform games more and more, but a slightly smaller game might have slightly less traction than one of the big boys. Below, we’ll definitely answer whether there’s World War Z crossplay on Xbox One, PS4, and PC, including what the developers working on the game have to say about the prospect.

Is there World War Z cross-platform play?

world war z cross-platform

So, can you play World War Z on PS4 with Xbox One players, and vice-versa? Unfortunately, the answer is a definitive no, but the developers have also spoken on the possibility of World War Z cross-platform play, which we’ll get to in just a moment.

First up, though, is this post from the game’s forums. It’s an extensive FAQ that covers everything from where you can buy the game right through to, you guessed it, World War Z crossplay. While the inclusion of the question there may get the hopes up of some, and shows Saber Interactive is well tuned-in to the gaming climate at large, the answer won’t please you.

“There are no plans for cross-play at this time,” reads the answer, perhaps leaving the door teasingly open for a World War Z cross-play launch in the future should the game be met with success and minimal roadblocks from Sony and Microsoft.

Elsewhere, two developers for World War Z have spoken on the topic during an interview with Wccftech. They’re very much echoing the previous FAQ, saying that: “Right now we don’t know if we want to do that.” but that it’s ultimately “possible.” Like the living dead you’ll mow down, don’t think World War Z cross-platform play has been killed off just yet.