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Fortnite Party Glitch | Why am I stuck in a party?

Epic has recently announced via Twitter that it would be performing an update on its party services. The studio stated that players may notice “some limited functionality” during that time and that it would provide updates once the maintenance was complete. Well, it’s been a couple of hours, the maintenance is complete, and party services might be worse now than they were due to a new Fortnite party glitch. Now, players are stuck in a party and are unable to leave, which is understandably frustrating. So, why is this happening and when is it going to be fixed?

Fortnite Party Glitch | Why can’t I leave the party?

Fortnite party glitch

After the maintenance on the party services this morning, Epic announced via Twitter that the update was complete and players could go back to playing normally. Then, two hours later, they came back to Twitter to say that there was a Fortnite party glitch and they were working to fix it. At the time of this article, that tweet is four hours old. Since then, there have not been any more updates on the glitch.

So, what is the Fortnite party glitch? Essentially, it causes players to be locked into a party, meaning they cannot leave the group unless a new member joins. So, if someone is playing a round of squads with a group of friends, or strangers, and decides they want to play solos, they are not going to be able to leave that party until a new member joins. However, the party leader can kick members from the party, but if you’re playing with strangers, this can be difficult to communicate. While this is only a mild inconvenience, it is still pretty annoying. However, Epic is hard at work on a fix, so hopefully, the Fortnite party glitch will be fixed in no time.