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What are Cloaked Chests in Risk of Rain 2?

Cloaked Chests are a rare item that players can find while exploring the various areas in Risk of Rain 2. If you’re curious what these special chests are, or even how to spot them in the wild, then we can help. Here’s everything you need to know to find and open Cloaked Chests in Risk of Rain 2.

What Are Cloaked Chests in Risk of Rain 2?

As stated above, Cloaked Chests are a rare variety of chests that players can come across sometimes during their runs. Originally, many players thought that the Cloaked Chests were a bug, however pinging them will actually have them appear as an actual named item. Like the other chests available in Risk of Rain 2, Cloaked Chests can contain an assortment of various unlockable items. There doesn’t appear to be any set rarity of the items that appear in these chests, though many players have reported finding rarer items than more common chests contain.

How to find Cloaked Chests in Risk of Rain 2

Like normal chests, Cloaked Chests can randomly be found throughout the arena. While you aren’t guaranteed to always find one, it’s worth taking some time to explore the area and look out for any kind of shadows that might stand out. Obviously, walking around waiting for a prompt that tells you to “open Cloaked Chest” isn’t very fun or eventful. Thankfully, there are a couple of better ways to go about looking for this elusive chest.

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First, when charging the teleporter the Cloaked Chest will be locked with root-like tendrils. In fact, all the usable items like chests and shrines are locked with these tendrils while the teleporter is active. That makes this a great time to take a quick run around the level and look for any tendrils that might be holding onto an invisible chest.

Alongside looking for the chest during the teleporter event, perhaps the most assured way to find it is to make use of the Radio Scanner Equipment item. Covered in our guide on all unlockable items, this special piece of Equipment will mark all of the useable items on the screen with a question mark, making it easy to locate any chests that you haven’t opened up just yet.

Now that you know what the Cloaked Chest is in Risk of Rain 2, you can start searching for it during your own runs. Just keep an eye out for anything that looks out of place and make use of the Radio Scanner if you’re really having trouble finding one.