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World War Z Difficulty | Can you change the difficulty in World War Z?

World War Z is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. It is a co-op zombie shooter where players must try to survive multiple hordes of zombies to save the world. The game starts players off on easy mode and allows them to increase the level of World War Z difficulty from there. For some, easy mode is challenging; for others, it is not. So, can you change the level of difficulty in World War Z?

Can you change the World War Z difficulty?

World War Z Difficulty

Despite World War Z starting players off on easy difficulty, there are a variety of different difficulties for players to choose from. Difficulty ranges from easy to insane, with each different level of difficulty making World War Z just a little bit harder. The next level up from easy is normal. If players are playing on normal difficulty, they will start off with a medkit, the zombie threat level will be normal, and friendly fire damage will be minimal. It is recommended that you should be Class 5 or higher to play on normal difficulty. Hard difficulty, on the other hand, limits the supplies that are spread around the map and increases the zombie threat level and friendly fire sensitivity. It is recommended that players be Class 15+ to play on hard difficulty.

The next step up is the very hard difficulty, which is meant for players at Class 20+. Supplies will become very limited and the zombie threat level is significantly raised, along with major increases to friendly fire damage. Additionally, players will now die after being incapacitated twice. The final level of difficulty is known as insane difficulty and is only intended for players who have reached Class 25 or higher. Supplies are scarce as ever and the zombie hordes are relentless. Friendly fire is ruthless and players are only allowed one incapacitation.

At the end of the day, the level of difficulty that players choose is up to them. It isn’t up to anyone else except the player to decide how they want to play the game. So, now that is has been made clear how each World War Z difficulty changes, get out there and kill some zombies!