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Apex Legends Knockdown Bug | Why can’t my player stand up?

The latest Apex Legends bug is the knockdown bug. Some players are reporting that they are unable to stand up after they have been revived by a teammate. The Apex Legends knockdown bug prevents players from being able to play the game normally and is understandably frustrating. Bugs that prevent your player from standing up can ruin a gaming experience for anyone, but especially in online shooters like Apex Legends. 

What is the Apex legends knockdown bug?

As stated above, the Apex Legends knockdown bug prevents players from being able to stand up after a teammate has revived them. This can be seen in the video below, posted to Reddit by user ComputerSlime. As the video shows, ComputerSlime was playing as Pathfinder and got knocked down, then revived by a teammate. After being revived, Pathfinder was unable to stand back up and stayed in the downed position. However, ComputerSlime was able to use medical supplies, shoot a weapon, and even revive another teammate.

So I encountered quite the bug last night… from r/apexlegends

The struggle continued when ComputerSlime tried to use Pathfinder’s grappling hook. The hook was shot, but ComputerSlime was stuck to the ground and wasn’t able to be grappled by either of the hooks. Additionally, the Redditor was unable to move Pathfinder and ended up being killed by an opposing squad.

It is unclear exactly why the Apex Legends knockdown bug happened or if it was exclusive to Pathfinder. In the comments, one Reddit user said that the same thing happened to them, and implied that it happened because their teammate was getting shot at towards the end of the revive. However, this is just a theory. There is also no current fix for the Apex Legends knockdown bug, besides some workarounds that were offered to ComputerSlime by other Redditors. For example, one user suggested committing suicide and having a teammate revive you again. Either way, this bug is definitely a big issue and needs to be patched as soon as possible. Until then, we’ll be waiting for more updates from Respawn Entertainment regarding the bug.