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Destiny 2 Eva Levante Location | How do I start the Revelry event?

Now that spring has sprung, the Destiny 2 Revelry event has officially started, with new loot available for players to earn, including the Exotic Arbalest rifle. In order to start the event, as well as turn in rewards, players must find and interact with Tower resident Eva Levante. With all the Revelry-themed decorations adorning the Tower, it can be pretty hard to find her if you’re just coming back to the game after some time away. Thankfully, we’ve done the work for you, and you can get directions to Eva Levante in Destiny 2 below.

How to find Eva Levante in Destiny 2 and start the Revelry event

Eva Levante Location

You can find Eva Levante near Ikora in The Tower.

Eva Levante can be found near Ikora, in the Tower’s Bazaar section. Normally, you’ll be able to find her the same way you find most other important Destiny 2 NPCs: by looking for the nearest group of players all crowded around Eva like she’s handing out free iPhones. However, if you’re playing at a time where there’s not a lot of Guardian activity, you should be able to find her pretty easily.

First, make your way to Ikora’s station. Once your character is standing right in front and looking directly at her, move the camera to your left until you see the green structure seen above. Eva Levante will be right there, ready to give you a speech about how Springtime is a good time to feel alive. After you’ve spoken with her for the first time, she’ll give you a bottle of Reveler’s Tonic, a consumable that boosts cooldown times on a chosen ability. You can refill your Reveler’s Tonic with Reveler’s Essence by defeating bosses in the endless Verdant Forest challenge mode, the Revelry event’s biggest gameplay addition, or by completing side quests. Essence can also be traded for items, including the the Exotic kinetic fusion rifle Arbalest. In addition, the drop rates for Bright Engrams have been doubled for all players.