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World War Z Medic Skills | Best Medic builds

If you’re diving into Saber Interactive’s newest title, then chances are you’re already kneedeep in the blood and gore of World War Z. Based on the iconic novel and movie of the same name, World War Z is a cooperative 4-player experience that touches on many of the same mechanics as games like Left 4 Dead and other co-op based titles. Unlike other games in the genre, though, World War Z focuses heavily on classes and individual skills. If you’re planning on playing as the Medic, then you’re going to need to know all about the Medic Skills in World War Z. We can help.

World War Z Medic Skills

Like all of the other classes in World War Z, the Medic class is compromised of four main Core Perks. These are the most basic skills of the class, and they offer some of the best bonuses when equipped. The Core Perks available for the Medic class include:

  • Booster Shot – Start with a Stim Pistol, Compact SMG, and a free Medkit. Using Medkits on your teammates will also apply 25% of its effect to you. Available at Level 1.
  • Tenacity – All incapacitated team members will stay alive for 30% longer (base: 40 seconds). Available at Level 10.
  • Fighting Chance – Using the Stim Pistol on a teammate who is pinned will get them to their feet. Available at Level 20.
  • Doctor’s Bag – Medkits used by you and your teammates restore 10% more health. Available at Level 30.

World War Z Medic Skills

Outside of the Core Perks, players will also find a slew of other Medic Skills available for this class. We’ve comprised a list of these skills, as well as their level requirements below:

  • Doctor in The House – Medkit heals 10% more. Available at Level 1
  • Triage – Apply Medkit 50% faster. Unlocks at Level 2.
  • Sugar Coated – Healing a teammate with a Medkit also grants them a temporary health boost. Available at Level 3.
  • Patch Up – Restores 30% health to teammate after reviving them. Unlocks at Level 4.
  • Paramedic – Revive speed increased by 50%. Can be equipped at Level 5.
  • Pick Me Up – Any teammate revived by you will gain a temporary health boost. Available at Level 6.
  • Big Pharma – Max Number of Stim Pistol charges increased to 4. Unlocks at Level 7.
  • Painkiller – Stim Pistol gives 25% more temporary health and its effects last 50% longer. Can be unlocked at Level 8.
  • Empathy – Using the Stim Pistol on a teammate will also apply 50% of its effect to you. Reach Level 9 to unlock.
  • Second Wind – 25% chance to regain 25% health and keep going instead of becoming incapacitated (cool-down 60 seconds). Available at Level 11.
  • Wheatgrass – Health increased by 25%. Can be equipped at Level 12.
  • Navy Seal – Start with SMG TMP5. Unlocks at Level 13.
  • Efficiency – 25% chance of using a Medkit without depleting your supply. Available to unlock at Level 14.
  • Good Karma – Using Medkit on a teammate will also apply 50% of its effect to you. Can be equipped at Level 15.
  • Combat Medic – Killing 15 zombies in rapid succession gives 10% chance to receive a Medkit. Unlocks at Level 16.
  • Free Hugs – 25% chance of using the Stim Pistol without depleting its charge. Available at Level 17.
  • Pickpocket – Killing 15 zombies in rapid succession gives 25% chance to refill on equipment charge. Unlockable at Level 18.
  • I’ll Take That – Killing a special zombie gives 50% chance to restore one equipment charge. Can be equipped at Level 19.
  • Forgive to Forget – Friendly fire damage reduced by 25% for all team members. Unlocks at Level 21.
  • In the Zone – Using a Stim Pistol or Medkit adds a 50% firearm damage boost for 10 seconds. Available at Level 22.
  • Fighting Pit – Firearm damage increased by 25% when your whole team have more than 50% health. Unlockable at Level 23.
  • Battle Surgeon – Stim Pistol heals 10% of health in addition to the boost effect. Can be unlocked at Level 24.
  • What Was in That? – Stim Pistol effect gives 4 additional melee strikes without fatigue for 20 seconds. Can be equipped at Level 25.
  • Secret Ingredient – Stim Pistol grants additional masking effect lasting 5 seconds. Unlocks at Level 26.
  • Lobotomy – Restore 2 rounds in magazine for each head-shot made with SMG. Available at Level 27.
  • Swapping Mags! – SMG reload speed increased by 25%. Unlocks at Level 28.
  • Adrenaline – Reload speed increased by 50% when health is below 25%. Can be unlocked at Level 29.

World War Z Best Medic Builds

Finding the best Medic build really all depends on the type of Medic that you want to play. If you’re trying to play a more offensive based playstyle, then Medic Skills like Navy Seal and Combat Medic are skills to utilize. While more support focused skills like Hollywood will work better for those trying to help their team the most. Of course, your current build will also rely heavily upon which skills you have unlocked and available to you, which makes fleshing out any builds difficult in World War Z.

World War Z Medic Skills

Just like with the other classes here, there’s really no wrong or right way to play the Medic class in World War Z. In all honesty, this class might not even be needed that much depending on how well your squad plays. Because of this, it’s easy to make the Medic class work well as a support or offensive based character, though you won’t find as many good skills on hand here as you will in other classes in the game.

When it comes down to it, there are quite a few Medic Skills available in World War Z, but none really make the class stand out that much from other classes who offer far better offensive and defensive skills. Still, though, players who enjoy playing support will find themselves right at home running the Medic class.