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World War Z PS4 Servers | Is there a hotfix coming?

World War Z, the new zombie co-op shooter based on the hit movie and book, is out now, but many players around the world are having trouble playing it. Players have reported crashing problems when starting up the game on all platforms, but there have also been reports of players simply being unable to play online due to server problems. World War Z PC owners have had trouble, but there seems to be issues with the World War Z PS4 servers too. Is there a hotfix coming?

Are the World War Z PS4 servers having issues?

According to various players of World War Z on PS4, the game certainly seems to be having server and connection problems. Reports of multiple failed attempts to get into an online game have appeared since the game came out, meaning that PS4 players can only play the game offline. Which is hardly satisfying for a title built around online play. The issue seems to be around the World War Z PS4 servers, specifically that there’s not enough of them for players to join. This is good news for the game, as it’s probably more popular than the publisher or developer expected, but for players it’s very frustrating.

Is there a fix coming for the World War Z PS4 issues?

The good news is that many players are having these issues, and developer Saber Interactive is aware of the problems. The developer is currently working on a hotfix, and presumably will be adding further servers for World War Z in order to allow more players to get online. Supposedly online matchmaking has now been restored on PS4, but players on all platforms are still having issues. Unfortunately, in this kind of situation, there is nothing players can do but wait for the developer to sort things out. Sit tight.