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Fortnite Radioactive Smoke Grenade leak | What does the radioactive grenade do?

Epic Games might be in the process of adding a new weapon to Fortnite. According to information pulled from a recent data mining excursion, Epic has added a new Radioactive Smoke Grenade in the game’s latest patch. If this new weapon is real, the question now is, what does a radioactive smoke grenade do?

Fortnite Radioactive Smoke Grenade | What does it do?

This leak comes to us by way of user FortTory, who offered up the data mined details over on Twitter. As diehard fans know, Fortnite used to have Smoke Grenades. However, players didn’t really like the original smoke grenades when they were still around. These tended to mess up close range fights. As such, players preferred to drop them in favor of other items.

However, adding a radioactive component to the smoke grenades could make them much more useful. In the aftermath of nuclear explosions in real life, radioactive particles in the air are usually the cause of the lingering radioactivity around ground zero.

Following that logic, the radioactive Smoke Grenade in Fortnite could release a cloud of radioactive particles into the air. Considering that the weapon is a “smoke grenade,” the radioactive cloud could still obscure players’ vision. However, being radioactive, it would now also apply a damage over time effect on any players in the cloud.

If the developers at Epic Games were feeling a bit nasty, they could make it so that players keep the damage over time effect even when they have left the cloud. Players caught within the cloud then would actually be afflicted with a form of radiation sickness. These players would then have to stop and heal themselves—something players don’t want to have to do in a genre built on constantly moving to remain in the shrinking play area.

Fortnite Radioactive Smoke Grenades could then serve as a one-two punch. The smoke could obscure the vision of opposing players, allowing the grenade’s user to either shoot at them, or slip away unnoticed. The resulting radiation sickness could then slow them down, forcing them to heal. That is, if it doesn’t end up killing them outright. As for how it actually works, we’ll have to wait and see.